Gawar Phali Aloo Sabji (गँवार फली और आलू की सब्जी) is a main course item. But it is rare to find this sabji in multi-cuisine restaurants or hotels.

First thing first, this sabji is typically an Indian household meal. Yes, because it is quick & easy. Additionally, the gawar phali aloo sabji is for office tiffins & school lunch boxes. Everyone enjoys it. Another critical point is taste.

How’s the Taste & Texture of Gawar Phali Aloo Sabji?

It’s cliche. I mean, you, me & everyone else has tasted this sabji at least once in a lifetime. Although this may be true, the taste & texture depends on various ingredients. But to name it, the gawar phali aloo sabji tastes mild sweet & medium spicy.

Gawar phali is cluster beans. Therefore, you can call it Cluster Beans & Potato Veggie.

This vegetable has a natural green texture because of the green cluster beans. Additionally, if you cook using green chilli paste, it becomes more tempting. Therefore, Ajwain seeds are mainly used in this recipe.

Gawar Phali Aloo Sabji Ingredients

Cooking Gawar Phali Aloo Sabji is a breeze. There are no complex procedures involved. Moreover, items that we need are available in the grocery stores. So, all in all, it’s a hassle-free dish. Thus, let us quickly go through the item list.

Tadka Ingredients

First, we will prepare the tadka and then add everything else. Let’s begin.

  • Cooking Oil – Normal cooking oil is what we need. So, please don’t use butter, but one can consider Olive oil.
  • Carom Seeds – In this veggie, we will make our tadka using ajwain, aka carom seeds. Usually, we use black mustard seeds.
  • Onion – Pyaj wala tadka. Yes, finely chopped onions will add sweet & spicy flavours to our recipe.
  • Asafoetida – Popularly known as hing, asafoetida has a spicy flavour. Moreover, it’s is an essential spice to make tadka.
  • Paste – We have two pastes here. First ginger-garlic and the second green chilli. Since we are not using chilli powder thus for teekha flavour, we will use green chilli.
  • Masala Powders – Alike paste, we have two different masala powders here. Coriander-cumin & turmeric powder. Turmeric is a natural dye, whereas coriander & cumin has woody & smoky flavours.


Potato & cluster beans are our veggies. Pick fresh ones & wash them before using. There’s nothing much to discuss the vegetables.


Curd is our secret ingredient. Not typically, but kind of. Curd gives the required thickness & smoothness to the gravy. It also elevates the overall taste of the recipe.

Keep the quantity of water in check. Water can make or break your recipe. The best idea is to add water gradually.

Making Gawar Phali Aloo Sabji

Like I said above, this recipe is pretty easy to make—three things we need to take care of. I will tell you what they are.

Preparing tadka is the first step. After that, we will be making it the traditional way. Like heating oil, sauteing onions & then adding all spices & masala powders.

Once our tadka is ready, add vegetables & then finally curd with a bit of water. Simmer the mixture. Your cluster beans and aloo sabji is prepared.

Hence, that was it with today’s recipe.