Kurkure Guvar Rolls is a unique and unusual snack recipe. Crispy fry cluster beans are wrap in a chapati to make a delicious roll.

Crispy cluster beans or kurkure guvar is a side dish of Kutchi cuisine. However, here it is innovated by wrapping it up in chapati to make fancy and tasty wraps or rolls.  The beans are cut in halves here but it is usually fried as it is.

A similar Marathi version of this recipe is also available. In that version, the cluster beans are to be fry crisply with a minimum amount of oil. Crushed garlic cloves are also added to give the dish more flavor, as the spices used here are limited.

If you are making this with less amount of oil, then you need to be careful with the flame. Once the oil in the pan is hot enough, you need to turn the flame to medium and fry the cluster beans on it. Stir the cluster beans continuously so it does not burn.

Add a dash of cumin in the oil before frying the cluster beans. It will give the beans even more flavor and taste and you can have as it is, like any dry snack.

The Kurkure Guvar Rolls recipe is extremely filling, healthy, and easy-to-make. You can make it quickly even without much cooking experience. It is a great recipe to have as a snack to fill your stomach or in the lunch box.

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