Easy Cheesy Noodles have minimal cheese. Although it sounds cheesy, still the amount of cheese is limited. I mean, Less is More. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t add extra cheese. I leave it up to you to decide how much cheesy your noodles will be. Sounds great?

Okay, then let’s move on with the recipe. The recipe that I am sharing today is not only easy but also quick. Moreover, it is a snack cum kid’s lunchbox dish.

My grandkids loved it. Even the big kids loved it too, and I had to make it a second time. Why? What does the reason behind everybody love these easy cheesy noodles at your home?

Let me tell you why.

Your Easy Cheesy Noodles are:

  • Mildy spicy because of the green chillies.
  • Hot due to the red chilli flakes.
  • Tummy filling
  • Tasty because spices & herbs are well balanced.
  • It is loaded with cheese.

If you look closely, all the above reasons perfectly fit everyone’s taste in your family. For instance, if somebody has zero tolerance for a spicy flavour, they can reduce chillies.

In the same fashion, if too much cheese is an issue, then add gradually. Therefore, we can say our easy cheesy noodles are highly flexible. You can make them the way you want.

What Else To Add?

This dish is simple and easy. However, if you want to indulge more in this, we have more suggestions for adding things. It won’t create a problem since this dish is versatile.

To customise this to your taste, there are several vegetables and/or protein you can add. Blanched, roasted, or sauteed broccoli, spinach, mushroom, peppers, peas, asparagus, zucchini, and tofu are great options.

Moreover, for non-vegetarian options, you can add grilled or cooked shredded chicken, prawns, chicken sausage, and egg. You can make this as a ramen equivalent.

To make it richer, adding cream is an option. Or you can add more cheese. Also, any type of cheese you prefer can be added.

Instead of coriander, you can add parsley or scallions to it. You can substitute garlic with garlic powder.

As for the noodles, simple noodles are alright. But if you are making this with minimum ingredients, we suggest using spaghetti (pasta noodles). And if you are keeping a little bit of creamy gravy or making it similar to ramen, then use the ramen noodles.

Tips For Easy Cheesy Noodles

Finally, we are here. Henceforth, let’s not waste time & start making this dish in the first place. Here we go.

Boil your noodles. However, boiling noodles is a part of pre-preparation. Add oil without fail; otherwise, noodles will stick with each other. Drain the hot water to prevent further cooking. Give your hot noodles a cold bath & keep them aside once done.

Temper boiled noodles using cooking oil & other items mentioned in the list above. You can replace cooking oil with butter. Add boiled noodles & coat them with the tempered spices. Grate cheese & sprinkle fresh coriander.

Ta-Daaaah! Your Easy-Peasy Cheesy Noodles are ready. Pack them in the school lunch box, serve them with beverages or eat in the evening snacks. A step further, replace popcorn with these noodles while binge-watching Netflix.