Chana Batata is a street food made of chickpeas and potatoes. It is incredibly delicious with spicy and tangy flavors that burst on taste buds. The recipe is easy, quick-to-make, and fuss-free.

Brown chickpeas or chana is a food ingredient that is not much in use. The number of recipes available that use chickpeas as a core ingredient is very much within a limit.

It is a popular traditional dish that people of the Bohra community often make. One is going to find this popular street food in the narrow lanes of Bhindi Bazaar of Mumbai. It is one of the most preferred dishes during the month of Ramzaan.

This chana batata is full of flavors. One can adjust the spiciness in it as per your tolerance. Or can even make a slightly sweet using a little bit of sugar to balance the flavors. But that is entirely optional. It tastes great as it is!

A similar version of the recipe is available in Gujarati Cuisine. That usually does not require tomatoes or potatoes, just the brown chickpeas and gram flour. Also, that is a bit sweet naturally as jaggery is used in it.

One can serve this as a snack with tea in the evening. It is also great to have with a slice of bread or a piece of toast. To give a chaat-like look, top it up with chopped onion, sev, or papdi.  Garnish it with chopped coriander, too, to make it more appealing.

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