As the name itself suggests, Veg Tawa is a popular variation of a typical mixed vegetable dish. It is famous as street food and also as a main course, especially in buffets.

Usually, the mixed vegetable is cooked in a covered pan or sometimes in a pressure cooker. But here, the vegetables are to be cook in an open flat pan. It gives the vegetables an earthy flavor and increases the taste as well. There is also no gravy in the dish.

You can use a combination of vegetables in the veg tawa recipe. There is no restriction over it. Every vegetable available in the market, you can put into the recipe. It also increases the nutritional value and makes it healthier.

But try to keep a balance and don’t go overboard. You can try adding different flavors to the recipe. It is that versatile! However, you need to be careful while frying the vegetables as every vegetable’s cooking time differs.

Also, we have used bitter gourd. We know a majority of people don’t like the bitter taste and avoids eating it. You can use salt & curd or salt to at least lessening the bitterness.

For that, rub the salt on the pieces of vegetables or marinate it with curd and salt, then keep it aside for some time. Or don’t use the vegetable to skip this step.

You can have it with roti, chapati, or just as it is.

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