Rajma Masala Curry is a lightly spiced, creamy and delicious curry made with kidney beans. People cook it often and enjoy it with both rice and naan or chapati.

Rajma is also called Red kidney Bean in English. They are popular in North India and Nepal to make curries.

This dish is very much loved by everyone. So much that it easily tops the list of favorites for the majority of people in the North region of India.

Indian mothers prefer to cook this meal as it is not only a staple diet but also a rich source of protein and carbs too.

Rajma-chawal is sure to give you a homey feeling, especially if you are from North India. People over there include in meals on a daily basis.

One can also consider it some sort of comfort food. Rajma is often a go-to dish when you can’t decide what to cook for the guests.

Usually, you need to soak Rajma overnight and it is a very crucial step in the process. Because rajma needs to melt in your mouth without resistance while biting, soaking is preferable.

But if you cannot do that then you can use canned rajma that is available in the market so as to save time. Or you can pressure cook it until the beans turn soft.

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