Kerela Style Chickpea Curry or Kadala Curry is a delicious and mouth-watering recipe. Usually served with rice or Idly but you can enjoy this with hot chapati, idly or dosa.

The taste feels like moderate pepper spicy with fresh coconut aroma and it has semi-gravy with the excess of chana chunks.

We can prepare this with lots of methods by tuning the ingredients. My best friend is the inspiration for me to make this recipe. She is from Kerela. When I used to visit there, she made Kadala Curry for me. I love this delicacy like anything.

I miss her taste so decided to make it at home. This is very healthy in nature and especially chickpeas are high in protein. My husband prefers eating protein foods because he goes to the gym. And as told by my husband, this recipe is really a tummy-filling recipe for lunch.

So yes, you try this amazing authentic south Indian recipe that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Here I am using spices directly but if you want thick consistency you can use the smashed onion, tomatoes along other spices.

Hope you love this reader. And if want to ask any question, please comment below. I would love to share the tips with you all.