Ragi Adai recipe is a healthy and toothsome Indian village style recipe. We can prepare a variety of dishes with this simple but nutrient-rich ingredient.

Basically, there are 2 main versions: one is spicy and the other one is sweet. For both the versions, you can use moringa leaves.

However, here I am going to share the combo of both sweet and spicy & which you need to try. You don’t need any side dish with it. But if you wish you can accompany with any kind of chutney or sugar.

This resembles a thick brownish pancake, and it tastes balance of sweet and mildly spicy with the awesome flavor of onion, chilly and moringa leaves.

I am sure your morning will open fantastically when you eat in your lunch. The spark will not only on your face but also on all your family members.

Ragi Adai will touch your heart with it’s simplicity and good taste.

Additional Tips: If you wish you can add chopped vegetables too. For, spicy one just skips the jaggery and do the same process and the sweet one just skips the onion and chilly then the rest of the things same.

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