Garlic curry is a unique and unusual spicy, sweet, and a little tangy curry recipe. It is originated from South India, specifically from the Tamil region.

It is a pantry friendly and tasty garlicky recipe. The original name for this recipe is Poondu Kuzhambu.

The Garlic Curry texture is thick. But if you wish to make it thicker, then cook a little more minutes than described in the recipe.

The zest in the curry is due to the presence of tamarind paste. This recipe is a nice balance of hot, spicy, tangy, and natural sweetness because of jaggery.

This curry is traditionally served with steamed rice. Chayote is a vegetable similar to avocado in appearance. A side dish named Chayote kootu will be a nice accompaniment to go with this dish.

Store this curry in an air-tight container at room temperature. Use a wooden spoon while storing and refrigerate. This will increase the shelf life of this dish for 5-6 days.

Sometimes, it can even be stored for 2 months in a zip-lock bag. You just need to thaw the curry before eating.

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