Grape juice is a perfect summer drink and a thirst killer.  Taste depends upon the type of grapes you use. It tastes sweet or tangy. It is an instant energy booster and a great coolant during hot summers.

Fresh Grape juice can be perfect after a hard workout, swim. My mother used to serve me when I use to come back from the playground every evening during the season. You can make grapes juice with both green or black grapes.

You don’t have to add any sugar syrup if you take the ripe grapes that are yellow and not green. The texture of this juice is a great charm. It is light greenish in color. If you filter it, the color will be yellow resembling other alcoholic drinks.

Green grapes have many health benefits due to its antioxidents and high nutrient contents.

  • Packed with vitamins like K & C which keeps your bones strong & prevents blood clotting.
  • Prevents chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer & diabetes.
  • Improves your mood & brain memory.
  • Protects you against viruses and bacterias.