Sweet lime juice is called Mosambi Juice in the native Indian language. This particular juice has been an integral part of morning breakfast for a long time. It is because of the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that the fruit contains.

We will extract the juice and toss some additional items to make it more flavourful. Besides, even these extra items are not required. You can squeeze the fresh juice out of sweet lime and drink it. That’s it. Now that we know what’s in the store for us, let’s get into some interesting details. Here they are.

Why it is a Healthy Choice?

Mosambi, aka sweet lime, is a juicy, pulpy, tangy and citrus fruit. It is not only the tangy taste for which sweet lime is famous but also for the substantial amount of nutritional value it offers. The best thing about mosambi juice is that it is a cheap commodity. In short, everyone can easily afford it.

Although mosambi belongs to the citrus fruit group, it is low in acidic value. In other words, it has a less acidic effect even if you consume it daily. With this in mind, even children can have mosambi juice regularly. A single serving of mosambi juice contains ample vitamin C.

It also offers iron, calcium, vitamin B6, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and other minerals in more or fewer amounts.

Health Benefits of Mosambi Juice

Here are some upfront health benefits of sweet lime juice in brief detail. Take a look.

  • It improves your hunger and encourages you to eat more.
  • Stimulates the function of the intestine and treats indigestion.
  • Mosambi helps flush painful kidney stones naturally.
  • The juice gives a natural glow to the skin and strengthens hair.

Now that we know how mosambi juice can benefit, let’s look into some extra tips to make it flavourful.

Mosambi Juice Extra Shots

Take the following tips into account to improve the flavour of the mosambi juice. However, they are not mandatory. You can skip them too.

  • Sugar syrup is optional. You can add or skip it altogether.
  • Add a pinch of pink salt or Himalayan salt to get a sour taste.
  • 1/4 tsp roasted cumin powder in mosambi juice will do wonders.
  • You can replace sugar or sugar syrup with honey.
  • Ice cubes will dilute the taste of juice. Hence, add or skip.
  • Rock sugar is a natural sweetener. Use it instead of sugar.

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