Chana Dal Lauki is typically an Indian main course item. So whether it is lunch or dinner चना दाल वाली लौकी की सब्जी is always on the menu. Now there are a couple of reasons as to why it’s this way.

Let’s me point them out for you.

  • It’s quick & time-saving.
  • Ingredients are readily available.
  • You can make it even if there are fewer ingredients.
  • Chana dal & bottle gourd combo is affordable.
  • There are no complex procedures & steps.

Given these points, an amateur can even make this dish. Before we begin making it let’s get into some quick details.

What is Chana Dal Lauki?

Chana dal & lauki are Hindi terms here. Chana dal is split chickpeas & lauki means bottle gourd. The secret lies in the combination. I mean, there’s one vegetable and a lentil.

The origin of this recipe lies in the Indian villages. The reason is sustainability. With this intention, this particular dish penetrated the urban lifestyle—for example, small-town restaurants & roadside eateries.

Now that we know what chana dal lauki is, let’s consider making it.

Chana Dal Lauki Ingredients

To cook mouth-watering food, we need to do things differently. For example, dal palak. This traditional North Indian dish requires double tempering—one with cooking oil & the other with ghee. The plain and simple reason is the flavouring. Double tadka adds another layer of flavours to the dish.

What’s the point? The point here is to cook this main course item differently. Therefore, the bifurcation of things will be likewise. Refer to the list below.

Boiling the Vegetables (9 items)

Instead of boiling our veggies & lentils using just salt, we will integrate a few items more. For instance, we will need water, split chickpeas, bottle gourd, salt, turmeric, red chilli & coriander-cumin powder, green chilli & ginger-garlic paste.

If you observe closely, we include spice & masala powders in the boiling process instead of tempering. We usually add masala, either dry or wet, while making our tadka. But here, the story is different.

Tempering Ingredients (3 items)

Since we have already included many spices while boiling, there are only three items left for making tadka. We need ghee, cumin seeds & asafoetida. I would recommend not using butter or cooking oil instead of ghee.

Sugar & Lemon Juice

Sugar is entirely optional. You can skip if you don’t like sweetness in your vegetable. Lemon juice is still a viable add-on. However, I suggest you not miss the lemon juice.


To garnish our sabji, we will need chopped coriander. Use according to taste.

Here our item list is accomplished & now we will move on to the cooking section.

Making Chana Dal Lauki

If I want to convey my love for this recipe, then it will be – Damn Easy-Peasy!

There are two methods of boiling your vegetable (lauki) & lentil (chana dal). First is the routine method. Here you add water, salt, vegetable, lentils & boil till soft.

The second one is integrating all the spices & masala powders and then boil. I guess this method is flavourful than the first one. Once everything is boiled & soft, temper the mixture. After that, add lemon juice and fresh coriander.

Your चना दाल वाली लौकी की सब्जी is ready. Easy or not?

Hence, that was it with the chana dal lauki recipe today.

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