Brinjal gravy is evergreen yummy and delightful homemade style rich recipe. In the customary cooking method usually, we do not use coconut.

But if you fancy to balance the sour taste and to get some unique flavor with coconut then go for this method.

Otherwise, you can prepare Brinjal gravy with fried and smashed groundnuts to tune different flavors or simply you can enjoy this stuff without adding coconut and peanuts.

Here I am sharing this recipe with coconut. Brinjal gravy harmonizes superbly with steamed rice, idli and dosa and any kind of Indian style variety rice.

Brinjal/eggplant is really good nutrient vegetable & it helps you in balancing your weight. So yes ladies, this recipe can be your ultimate weight loss helper.

Tips: Prefer to use tender and countryside Brinjal. the freshness of vegetable itself will give you a unique essence.

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