Arabic Mutton Harees or Arabic Mutton Hareesa is a healthy and super delicious Arabic one-pot recipe. This is one of the traditional recipes of the Arabian Peninsula.

Each country has a different variant of this harees. Omanis like it with chicken, dry fruits, and barista. Whereas Emiratis and Qataris like it raw with meat and olive oil.

Mutton Harees is a Ramadan special dish usually made with meat and boiled barley. You can also use a combination of wheat and barley.

Arabs make it in huge quantities and distribute to neighbours and give out to needy and poor every evening before the breaking of the fast during the month of Ramazan.

Arabs are known for their hospitality in the world and also for their charity. During Ramazan, Arabs have a tradition of sending dates, mandi or harees to their neighbours.