Arabic Hareesa or Arabic Chicken Harees is a Ramadan special dish usually made with meat or chicken and boiled barley. You can also use a combination of wheat and barely.

One of the healthiest food I can think of. It is also known by the name of Hareesha, Harisa, jahreesa etc. Different Arab cultures have different variations of this dish.

Omanis like it with chicken, dry fruits, and barista. Whereas Emiratis and Qataris like it raw with meat and olive oil. Asians like it a bit spicy but Arabs love it light.

Basically, the harees is made with meat and has a lot of calories. Taking it to low-calorie levels, you can to make it with chicken.

Barley is called the King of Cereals. Barely or Jau has many helath benefits. It helps you lower blood pressure, cholesterol, daibetes and good for your cardiovascular health.

Good for those who are planning to loose weight as it i reich in fibre and fills your tummy for longer periods.

Barely also helps to reduce the symptoms of Arthritis. Contains nutrients that help you for healthy bones and teeth.