Have you tried everything and still feel your weight is not gaining? No worries! We have got your back.

Here is 12 effective weight gaining foods to meet your weight gaining goals.

Every human body is different and needs a suitable treatment. You need to know which food is creating a major difference in your body. It can be some fat fruits like Banana with milk or cheese or it can be smoothies also.

Weight gaining needs exercise too but the only rule you need to follow is to get more fat & burn less calorie during exercise. This balance will get you perfect body shape & your body won’t increase abruptly.

So let’s look at some healthy weight gaining foods which not only gives you fat gain but also good for your health.

Try these 7 Indian Whole Grain Recipes for a healthy lifestyle.

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1. Egg Stumbler

Weight Gaining Foods

An egg is the most essential fat food when it comes to weight gaining. You can make this delicious recipe called Egg stumbler with yolk.

2. Banana Balls

Weight Gaining Foods

Source: www.wholefoodsimply.com

Banana has so much calorie that one a day is more than enough for you. These are crispy chocolate chip banana bread balls which gives you amazing munch time as an evening snack.

3. Pumpkin Fry

Weight Gaining Foods

It has miracle smooth taste. Some bites will be sweet &  some will be spicy. Overall, a perfect recipe to cook and organically put on some weight.

4. Chocolate Almond Bars

Weight Gaining Foods

Source: www.minimalistbaker.com

This is an idol chocolate bar which is great for your entertainment. Now chocolate is a good source of calorie which we all know. So just add almonds into it and it becomes heavenly taste altogether.

5. Carribean Jerk Chicken Rice

Weight Gaining Foods

Carribean Jerk Chicken is one pot rice meal which is less spicy and mild for taste lovers. It’s a completely different taste you must try.

6. Apple Caramel Shake

Weight Gaining Foods

Source: www.belleofthekitchen.com

Amazing creamy shake swirled with cinnamon & get a flavor of apple. Well, shakes can really make you more healthy. On Sundays at home, you can enjoy this yummilicious shake.

7. Veg Makkhanwala

Weight Gaining Foods

Tastiest rich Indian curry made with the extra makkhan blend in spices and rejuvenated in foodporn aroma. A perfect internet sensational recipe.

8. Avocado Stuffed Burger

Weight Gaining Foods

Source: www.civilizedcavemancooking.com

Avocado is thankfully the best fruit for you to gain weight. It has around 322 calorie & 29 grams of carbohydrates. Enjoy the Avocado crush with Burger & make your days like a happy little star.

9. Chicken Harees

Weight Gaining Foods

The Harees is made with meat and has a lot of calories. Taking it to low-calorie levels making it with chicken is a good option. It will give you arabic feeling when you eat it as the dish origin is from arabic.

10. Spicy Sweet Potato Rosti

Weight Gaining Foods

Source: www.loveisinmytummy.com

Our mothers from years saying that sweet potatoes are the best vegetable in the world. This is the best possible recipe which has all kinds of vegetables mixed and made a crispy veggie pattie.

11. Chickpea Hand Pies

Weight Gaining Foods

Source: www.marthastewart.com

Chickpea hand pies will make you more and more hungry. It is a baked dish made of smashed chickpea stuffed in pie sheets taste so good. You can enjoy it with Mayonnaise also.

12. Bread Custard Pudding

Weight Gaining Foods

In the end, We can never forget a dessert. Bread custard pudding is no bake pudding & has a smooth surface taste. You don’t need to dream about sweets now, all the magic is here.

Now to talk about your weight gaining goal, these are some recipes and ingredients which can really help you achieve your body goals & not at all harmful too.

Instead of taking pills for extra weight, go for a healthy way. You can always get advice from nutrition and if you just need to put on about 5-7 KG, make sure you eat such foods on daily basis.

But don’t forget to exercise daily and make your heart healthy than ever. Remember everything in limit is always good for us.

Stay tuned for upcoming best curations of recipes and if you have any queries related to weight gaining food, do ask us questions in comments below.

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