These 7 Indian Whole Grain recipes are vital to include in your daily meals to make a healthy lifestyle.

How many of you add at least one to two whole grains in your meal plan? If not then making these Indian whole grain recipes is vital to gain health benefits.

Eating healthy is now not treated as an option but a must habit that we all should look upon to. The human body is a boon to us and we are not aware of how much we are harming it.

The right food will give you the right lifestyle and nutrition too. Balancing what you eat is very much necessary.

Let us give you a list of these 7 healthy whole grain recipes which are equal or more beneficial to some foreign grains which are quite in trend right now like Quinoa or Oats.

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1. Multi-Grain Dosa

Indian Whole Grain Recipes

This is an Indian style dosa recipe which is healthy whole-grain breakfast. Your day will start with a big smile and your appetite will carry a less calorie.

2. Egg Corn Fried Rice

Indian Whole Grain Recipes

We all know the egg’s importance in our life. Eggs are essential and when it is fusion with corn presented with fried rice is the best makeover for healthy food.

3. Chicken Harees

Indian Whole Grain Recipes

If you are non-vegetarian then this Chicken Harees can be a magic food for you. It’s like health served in the best form.

4. Desi Moong Dal

It is the easiest recipe that any bachelor can also make. Moong dal is very nutritious as it is low carb food. It is the best choice for weight loss oriented people.

5. Medu Vada

Indian Whole Grain Recipes

These are food miniature stuffed fluffy Vada which is a truly Indian traditional delicacy dish. It goes well with green chutney or coconut chutney served for family evening snacks with hot tea.

It’s okay sometimes to eat sweets or oily food. But make sure you always calculate your calories and eat in less quantity. Less is more.

You all deserve to have a fit body so let’s start with here. Enjoy superfoods in a healthy style.

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