Veg Makhanwala is a rich, sweet, creamy and buttery recipe. A popular north Indian dish with mixed vegetables. The texture is just praiseworthy. Also called as vegetable Makhni.

Along with the tanginess of tomatoes makes this sabji mouth-watering. A good recipe to impress the guest with some different taste of a punjabi taste.

Ingredients used for making this recipe are vegetables, butter, cream, and spices. Veg Makhanwala recipe is a veg version of butter chicken recipe.

Usually, kids eat veggies like potatoes, bhindi, etc. But it is very tough for moms to make them eat green peas, cauliflower, French beans, etc. Mix any veggies in this delectable curry and they will not only eat them but fall in love with it.

I am adding this one more restaurant-style recipe on this blog. I have used tomatoes for a tangy taste and mixed with vegetables for a healthy focus.

Veg Makhanwala is simple to make and gets ready in under 30 minutes. A nutritious recipe due to vegetables present in it. It can be served with roti, paratha, biryani or jeera rice.

There are several variations you can make for this type of recipe.

We have a similar recipe with a different taste, try Veg Makkhanwala.