Sweet Pongal is a wondrous and traditional South Indian recipe prepared using jaggery, ghee, cashew, moong dal, and milk.

Usually, in the Southern part of the India people used to prepare this during the festival season and in most of the Indian temples, they will give this as a Prasadam.

Cooking within clay pot is a traditional way but you can use a heavy-bottomed vessel or pressure cooker as well.

If you wish you can use sugar instead of jaggery or a mix of both. Here I used jaggery. This texture looks glowing golden Meron color and tastes like sweet with the flavor of ghee, milk and mild jaggery. You can also boost grated and fried coconut to tune the different tastes.

Tips: For the pressure cooker method boil the rice and dal in water (2-3 whistles) then add milk and jaggery and allow cooking 4-5 minutes. The remaining things are the same.