Star fruit is amazing sweet & sour beverage that gives you all the summer coolness. Starfruit, one of the best tropical fruits is a sweet and sour exotic fruit with amazing health benefits.

Make this juice to get your tastebuds to a higher level. Most of you might not have drunk this juice earlier. And I found such people in my office too.

But believe me when I presented them with this lovely drink they were just blown away with the refreshing taste. wouldn’t have had this.

I have been obsessed with this fruit since childhood. It is an amazing relaxing juice that gives you startling taste inside your mouth. I admire this fruit very much because most of us had it in childhood.

I remember how I used to climb a tree to get the star fruit and just bite it quickly. I never imagined at that time that one day I would be making juice out of it. And trust me, this is much better than eating it raw.

This is a good juice for pregnant ladies for their sudden hunger peaks.