Schezwan chicken tikka is a spicy and flavored dish, easy to make at home. An amazing modern age millennial appetizer going to win teens & kids’ hearts for sure. The taste of the chicken is soft, spicy and tangy.

We Indians love spiciness & also love Chinese. It has been our favorite meal since our childhood. This time why not have an amazing chicken recipe made with the touch of Chinese?

My wife is a lover of Chinese. She just can’t resist ordering every time for the dinner date that we go. She loves the restaurant that is in Mumbai called “China town”. Over there we ordered a chicken soup actually which had schezwan flavor. We loved that.

We decided to make it together on Sunday.  We made Schezwan chicken tikka. It was lip-smacking and with all that spicy Indian touch.

You can make this recipe for a romantic Sunday dinner. Give me your comments on how much you liked the taste.