Double Layer Chocolate Mawa Barfi is a fusion mithai. Secondly, mawa mithai of any colour, shape & size sells like hot cake in India. That’s because of its unique colour combination. A step further, you will also come across three or four colour mithai in sweet shops.

All in all, sweets made using mawa, aka khoya aka milk solid, is in high demand. The demand surges, especially in the festive season. With this in mind, I have an “easy & minimal cooking mithai recipe”. Hence, let’s start making it in the first place. Continue reading.

What is Double Layer Chocolate Mawa Barfi?

The first thing to remember, there are two layers in this sweet. First is the chocolate mix mawa layer & second is the standard mawa layer. Another critical point here is it requires minimalistic cooking.

Yes, it would help if you softened the mawa. That’s the only cooking part here in this whole recipe.

Chilling is another essential process in making chocolate mawa barfi. Instead of making the first layer using chocolate, we will mix it with mawa. As a result, it will be more flavourful. If you prefer melting semi-sweet chocolate & pouring it into the mould, then go ahead. That’s another way to make this chocolate mawa barfi.

This Chocolate Mawa Barfi is:

  • Easy to make & requires less cooking effort & expertise.
  • Sweet, smooth & melts in your mouth instantly.
  • It is chocolate flavour with a black & white combo look.
  • A delightful gift box item ideal for festivals & home ceremonies.

Since we know what is chocolate mawa barfi let’s finally start making it. We will begin by discussing all the items we need here.

Making Chocolate Mawa Barfi

The making process is minimal. First, to make the khoya soft, we will saute it using ghee on a low flame. Please don’t leave the khoya in the pan after sauteeing, or else it will burn. The next big thing is melting the chocolate. Now either you make a double boiler or directly melt it in a saucepan.

Above all, the process isn’t necessary. We need melted chocolate and not rock-solid pieces. Hence, melt chocolate the way you feel comfortable. I have done using the double boiler method. Watch the recipe video to learn the double boiler technique.

Freezing the Mawa Mixture

Use aluminium mould because it speeds up the freezing process. Spare the glass containers because it takes too long to make the mixture solid. It hardly requires an hour to make the mawa mixture stiff. Hence, there’s no need to chill overnight.

Align butter paper in the mould; otherwise, the solid cake won’t come out nicely. If there’s no butter paper, then use parchment paper or food-grade plastic wraps. Let’s assume you don’t have anything available. The final solution is to grease the mould with butter or ghee.

So, that was it with the double-layer chocolate mawa barfi recipe today.


  • If you have chocolate chips then well & good, you can use that instead of a chocolate slab. If not, then the dark chocolate compound is what you need here. Make sure it is semi-sweet & not bitter. Otherwise, you will end up putting in a lot of sugar.
  • Use fresh khoya from the dairy or the one you make at home. Anyone will do. Moreover, if the mawa is frozen then make sure to bring it to room temperature before using it.
  • Be careful with the temperature of flames or your burfi is at a high risk of burning.
  • It is an optional thing but you can add a few drops of vanilla extracts or the essence of your choice for some aroma.
  • Milk, honey, malai (milk cream), and coconut oil are a few substitutes. You can, of course, replace heavy cream with them, but I would suggest you not to. The cream gives a smooth texture to the mixture. Hence, I would recommend using it. However, since the quantity of heavy cream is less, it won’t make a significant difference. Therefore, go ahead.
  • Green pistachios are to garnish the double-layer chocolate mawa barfi. You can replace it with cashews, white chocolate chips, caramel artwork or anything that suits your taste. An edible silver leaf will be great to use as well.
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