Desi Chana Masala is a full-flavored sabji recipe that you can’t get over. It is a healthy option for your evening light dinner. It is tangy in taste as well as spicy. A perfect blend of healthiness & tastiness.

The Bengal gram is very healthy and full of protein. It keeps your appetite in control & as well as gives you nice ease on the stomach. After having it, you are going to feel just complete & nice.

When I was away from home for around 7 years, my dinner used to be as light as possible. I used to make this chana masala for most nights & used to enjoy my games on TV.

We all 12 friends used to stay in a rental apartment. They also got into healthy eating inspired by me. Even sometimes if they had to travel overnights, I would pack chana masala for them. Even my foreign friends used to applaud it.

You all will love this amazing chana masala recipe for your rest of the dinner days. Enjoy.