Chicken Pizza Rice is a sort of a fusion recipe of rice and pizza ingredients. It is a fancy recipe to try when you want to try something new.

There are other ways to cook chicken pizza rice also. It can be either cooked in an oven or can be in a stove.

If you cook it in an oven, then preheated it at 180 degrees and then cook for 20 minutes. Make sure to cover with mozzarella cheese before baking, and it will resemble a lasagna.

Another way to do it is in a stove, skillet, or pot. It also has to be preheated for 15 minutes on medium flame. Then cook it in the same as in the oven.

This recipe can experiment a little bit here and there. You can use chopped scallion along with chopped capsicum if you like. Or can use different spices to make it taste different.

While making the chicken gravy, you can add some herbs like thyme, basil, dry fenugreek, etc. It will give a pleasant aroma and make it more flavorsome.

Precooked chicken broth can also be used instead. It will save you time. But do make the chicken before eating it if you have time on your hands.

Also, you can add vegetables of your like to this recipe. It will make the recipe healthier. And adding marinara sauce will give it a more pizza-like taste.

You can use any rice for this recipe. The only thing you need to be careful about is the quantity of water while boiling the rice. It will change as per the type of rice.

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