Badami Paneer Masala Gravy is the delicious paneer butter masala in Almond gravy. Here, the word Badami is derived from the Hindi word badam, aka almonds. Hence, this paneer butter masala is very much Badami & I bet you will love it.

Thus, let’s start discussing the obvious stuff first.

How’s the Taste of Badami Paneer Masala Gravy?

It is nutty, buttery, smooth & mildly spicy. Besides, if you want your Badami paneer a little teekhi, add achari curry powder. I know that achari masala is for achari paneer or achari tikka. But you can always use spicy curry powders in any gravy recipe of your choice. Isn’t it?

There’s one more spicy gravy powder that you can use. It’s the kolhapuri masala. I made kolhapuri paneer using the kolhapuri masala. Again, my family members were overjoyed eating it.

However, I assumed no one would eat it because of its strong & spicy flavours. But it went well. Therefore, you can try these masala powders in your paneer butter masala with almonds.

With this in mind, let’s begin cooking it for either lunch or dinner. So, here’s the item list for you.

Badami Paneer Masala Gravy Ingredients

We need fewer items to make this recipe. Besides, it is infrequent that paneer recipes require fewer ingredients. This Badami paneer masala gravy is one of them. Hence, let’s get through the item list.


Since we are making Badami paneer masala gravy, almonds are essential. Soak almonds in lukewarm water & grind to make a thick paste. Do not replace almonds with other dry fruit because the dish will change.

Dairy Items

We will cook this Badami paneer masala gravy in butter. Apart from butter, we need milk to make gravy. Regular dairy milk will do. Here paneer is the main item. I have taken 200 grams of paneer & cut them into cubes.

Whole Spices

Cumin, bay leaf & cinnamon are three whole spices that we need. If there are other whole spices that you think can work nicely in this recipe, go ahead. Let me know in the comments what other whole spices you have used.

Masala Powder

We will use regular masala powders (Kashmiri red chilli, turmeric & coriander powder) in our Badami paneer masala gravy. The Kashmiri red chilli powder we are using is not to make the curry spicy but only give the gravy’s natural red colour.

About 1 tsp crushed Kasuri methi will also go in this recipe. We will not add the garam masala while cooking gravy. Besides, we will sprinkle it at the end. So you will experience the taste of uncooked spice. Salt is self-explanatory.

Green Masala

Slit green chilli & ginger-garlic paste is the green masala here. Both are pretty much obvious & regular add-ons to the Indian gravies, and then onions & tomatoes will make the base of our Badami paneer masala gravy.

Onions are chopped, whereas tomato puree is preferred. You can crush onion to make puree & then use the same. Both ways, onions are fine. Use juicy & ripe tomatoes.

The ingredient list for Badami paneer masala gravy concludes here. Now let’s walk through some helpful tips. Read below.

TR’s Extra Shots for Badami Paneer Masala Gravy

Here are some quick tips to help you cook the best Badami paneer masala gravy ever.

  • Almonds – Peeling the almond skin won’t significantly change the taste. I would suggest you not rip off the skin.
  • Paste – Make a thick paste. The almonds must not be coarsely ground. Add a little water to adjust the consistency of the paste.
  • Butter – Swap butter with ghee if you prefer a delicate & soothing flavour. Even white butter is an excellent option. Try it.
  • Heavy Cream – If the gravy is watery, add 1/4th cup heavy cream. It will improve the texture of your gravy. Keep flame low.
  • Milk – Add almond paste & milk together. Almonds will prevent milk from curdling. Hence, avoid adding them separately.

Badami Paneer Masala Gravy FAQs

Post your query in the comments if you don’t find them below.

Is it necessary to soak almonds to make a paste?

No, even without soaking almonds, you can make the paste. Soaking makes almonds soft & easy to make a thick paste.

Shall I peel the almond skin or crush them with skin?

Almonds with or without skin won’t make a massive difference in the taste or texture of the gravy. Hence, I would suggest you let the skin of the almonds be as it is.

Can I swap almonds with cashews?

You can but not in this recipe because it won’t be Badami paneer. Instead, it will become Kaju paneer with cashew-based gravy.

Is milk important in the Badami paneer recipe?

It is necessary to integrate smooth & creamy flavours into the gravy; hence we will use milk. If milk isn’t available, then add heavy cream.

What type of butter shall I use here, salted or unsalted butter?

Unsalted butter is best because you will not have to worry about the extra salty taste. However, if using salted butter, then monitor the quantity of salt.

Can I use white butter?

Yes, you can use white butter too. The white or yellow colour of the butter won’t hinder the recipe’s colour.

Can I use milk malai in Badami paneer masala gravy?

You can, but it will not mix properly. Moreover, it will curdle under intense heat. If you insist on using it, then beat the malai & make it soft like cream. This way, it won’t curdle up.