Oven grilled Arabic Roast Chicken is a middle eastern delicacy that will pull you towards itself with its traditional roasting aroma. It is hard to resist until it comes to the table. Just imagine the whole chicken lying on the plate with some lemon. It’s just Yummm…

Arabic Roast Chicken made with simple at home ingredients like garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, butter etc. A very simple and easy recipe to make even for men.

Roasted chicken is healthy in comparison to fried chicken. Roasted foods are low on cholesterol and roasting makes the food tender and succulent.

Usually, Arabs eat non-spicy food. I am very fond of Arabic Cuisine. The reason behind it is that I have spent a quarter of my life between them. This recipe is among the favorite recipe list.

Back in 2014, I was on a business trip to Dubai, where I had a dinner invitation from one of my Arab friend. His wife Fatima cooked this Arabic Roast Chicken for dinner. I was mesmerized by the aroma and taste of it.