Hariyali Soya Chaap Dishes are purely vegan & at the same time have a unique way of serving like non-veg dishes.  It’s good news for all the veggie lovers. The chaaps are flavored with different marinates. These chaaps are a fusion of creative concepts.

We all are aware of how Mughal Maharaja used to prepare their dinner with rich flavors. The chefs cook the food with the best ingredient you have ever tasted before.

You all have heard about tandoori dishes. Yet, you need to explore the rich side of soya chaap dishes by simply knowing these chaaps recipes.

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1. Afghani Chaap

afghani chaap

Source: www.betterbutter.in

If you are looking for a protein-rich appetizer then this soya chaap will do justice to your taste buds.  This soya chaap has juicy & tender texture marinated with curd, garlic and ginger paste & other rich ingredients.

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2. Malai chaap

malai chaap

Source: www.cookingwithpooja.in

Malai chaaps is one of the creamy chaap from the “Tandoor-Se” platter because of its creamy marinade. This chaap is an amazing snack option for your evening food hunger. The base is made of milk, curd & cream.


3. Chatpati Chaap

chatpati soya chaap

Source: foodjourneywithkaran.blogspot.com

Chatpati Chaap recipe does justice to all the ladies. This chaap has one chatpata base-an an amchur base. This makes the chaap so interesting in taste. Each bite is like heaven.

4. Hariyali Chaap

hariyali chaap recipe cookpad

Source: www.cookpad.com

Hariyali Chaap recipe is a little spicy and succulent dish for dinner time. It’s the most mouth-watering chaap ever that you will enjoy. Chewy, spicy feeling in the mouth and looks extravagant green.

5. Hariyali Chaap Tikka

hariyali chaap tikka

Source: www.betterbutter.in

Hariyali Chaap Tikka is popular in North India. It’s the best substitute for vegetarian people. It’s an authentic taste and interesting to eat at home. The dish is full of spices and tangy flavors. A perfect Hariyali Chaap recipe to cook for guests.

6. Hariyali Soya Dhingri

hariyali soya dhingri

Source: www.tarladalal.com

Hariyali Soya Dhingri is one of the unique recipes in India. It’s a spinach puree prepare with lots of ingredients. Some of the key ingredients are soya oil, tofu, soya milk, soya chunks and lot more. The taste is outrageous and it’s the gravy you can serve with either roti or bread or it raw.

7. Hariyali Soya Puris

hariyali soya puris

Source: www.timesofindia.com

Hariyali Soya Puris is a breakfast recipe. Prepare with soya flour, wheat flour, and fenugreek leaves. It gets ready in 15 minutes. A simple recipe to make at home. Serve with curd or pickle. Best Hariyali Soya recipe.

Soya chaaps are easy to make and wonderful recipes for vegetarians. It looks like non-veg but is a complete vegan dish. Enjoy these delicious chaap recipes with your friends and family.