Tiranga drink is a republic day special beverage recipe to regenerate your spirit of patriotism. The drink has fascinating looking three layers of our Indian flag color – Green, White & Orange. The taste of the drink is sweet and sour with perfect ice and soda blend all together.

To celebrate your patriotism for the country, it is an amazing idea to show all the love with perfectly looking drink. The idea is fresh and the flavors in the drink are authentic and natural. It’s without any artificial color.

Tricolor in our flag describes the secularism of our country where people of every religion live together and enjoy the freedom to practice their religion.

I would say it’s a charismatic patriotic mocktail that we can enjoy during our eves. The form of the drink will give you a feeling of drinking slush because it has ice cubes blends with soda.

Mint flavor makes your mood refresh. Shikanji is the most loved flavor, especially in summers & tang mix is for high energy. What a perfect blend.