Tiranga drink is a republic day special beverage recipe to regenerate your spirit of patriotism. The drink has fascinating looking three layers of our Indian flag colour – Green, White & Orange. The taste of the drink is sweet and sour with perfect ice and soda blended all together.

To celebrate your patriotism for the country, it is an amazing idea to show all the love with a perfectly looking drink. The idea is fresh and the flavours in the drink are authentic and natural. It’s without any artificial colour.

The Tricolour in our flag describes the secularism of our country where people of every religion live together and enjoy the freedom to practice their religion.

I would say it’s a charismatic patriotic mocktail that we can enjoy during our eves. The form of the drink will give you a feeling of drinking slush because it has ice cubes blended with soda.

Mint flavour makes your mood refreshed. Shikanji is the most loved flavour, especially in summer & tang mix is for high energy. What a perfect blend.

Key Points To Make Tiranga Drink

There are multiple ways to make this drink. Moreover, you can use many things for this, there are no set rules for that. The most important thing is to get the colours right. It must have all three colours of our flag, obviously. The second thing to keep in mind is that you need to choose ingredients that taste good together as well as keep the appearance.

We have a few suggestions to make this drink pleasing to the eyes and tasty to consume. To make the layers you can either use syrup or fruit crush.

For the green layer, we are using mint that provides health benefits along with the required colour. You can use khus syrup, kiwi crush, or simple green colour syrup for drinks available in the market.

For the orange layer, we are using a tang mix. Any other orange juice or cold drinks like Fanta, Mirinda, Mazaa, etc can be used. But to make it more healthy use mango pulp for this layer. The consistency will be perfect with that. You can even use blended oranges as well instead.

And for the final layer i.e. the white layer, there are multiple ways as well. Few opt for litchi and apple juice. That is an option but it can be difficult to layer because of its thin consistency. So in place of them, we suggest you use cream or blended coconut and apples for this layer. There is also an option for blending bananas with milk. But there is a risk of milk reacting badly if you are using anything acidic for the drink. Hence, avoid that.

Last but not the least-the layering! This can be challenging and may take some time to perfect. So practice this. We suggest referring to videos of others making this drink and how they layer it.

A little tip here is to use crushed ice after each layer. They can help make it easier to keep them separate.

Note: The layers will be more accentuated if proper glassware will be used. A martini glass or pilsner juice glass will more suitable.

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