Musk Melon juice is a refreshing drink which you will love & repeat maximum rounds. It is very tasty & healthy as well. It is the sweetest drink to enjoy in summer vacation & totally worth your tastebuds.

It keeps you cool & hydrated for a day. Every age group will love this juice because of its lovely taste. Melon juice is an amazing homemade drink which very easy & quickly made.

It gives you full relaxation once you drink it. During the Navratri vrat or Ramadan fasting, you need the energy to start your day and thus you can include it in iftar, Shehri or your breakfast.

The perfect time to drink this is after a long day’s work. When you come from the office, you need instant relaxation on sitting on your sofa and surely this will win your heart.

I do the same. I drink this on alternate days & makes it my routine drink. It provides me with a good source antioxidants.