Green Garlic Bhindi is the Ladyfinger vegetable loaded with fresh garlic & masala wala tadka. It’s mouth-watering & tempting. And it’s irresistible. I know. I can understand your feelings.😛😝😜

Okay, jokes apart, but this vegetable is something you can’t avoid.

The taste, texture & aroma is god level. You will know when you will make this yourself. Hence, two quick questions. First, what makes green garlic bhindi special? Another critical point is the difference between normal bhindi & garlic bhindi is?

Continue reading to find answers.

Normal Bhindi v/s Green Garlic Bhindi

Normal bhindi is the regular sabji that we make for lunch & dinner. It is cut & sauteed in dry spices using oil. But, generally speaking, it’s the famous bhindi ki sabji.

There’s one more version called bharva bhindi means stuffed bhindi. A masala filling is made, the ladyfingers are slit vertically, making an incision. The filling is then stuffed & fried on low flame. That’s bharva bhindi.

On the other hand, green garlic bhindi is a little different. First thing first, it has chopped green garlic. Second, it is deep-fried before sauteing in masala. The third and most crucial point is the raw garlic flavour. I love it & I am sure you will love it as well.

The Taste of Green Garlic Bhindi

Fantabulously fantastical. Period.😝

The fresh garlic is milder in taste compared to mature garlic. Furthermore, it has a savoury aroma. If you eat it raw, the taste will be sharp with a subtle vegetable undertone. Okay, that’s a very dramatic description😛😝😜  , but still, green garlic has a mellow flavour.

Surprisingly, green garlic is also known as spring garlic or baby garlic. The slender green leaves are the mark of identification. Yes, just like spring onions (प्याज पत्ता). For those who don’t know, green garlic is pulled before they divide into individual bulbs.

Not only bhindi but Indian cuisines have wide culinary usage of fresh green garlic. As an example, green garlic pav bhaji.

Now that we know the taste & aroma of spring garlic, why not try making this recipe. Shall we? Okay, ingredients first.

Green Garlic Bhindi Ingredients

I would say we need fewer items to make this one. Vegetables, oil & dry spices. That’s it. Refer to the list below.

To Deep Fry

We need cooking oil to deep fry slit bhindi. You can use the cooking oil of your choice. There’s no restriction on a particular brand. Spare 3-4 tablespoons separately for tempering the dry spices.

Fresh Vegetables

Ladyfinger, capsicum, green garlic & fresh coriander. These are our fresh veggies. The garlic bulbs may have a purple or pink tint on them. That’s fine to use. Go with it. Pick soft bhindi because they will become a little stiff after frying.

Dry Spices & Masala Powders

Cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, turmeric powder, salt, asafoetida & coriander powder are our dry spices & powders. Each one of them is already in your kitchen. Hence, you won’t have any problem making green garlic bhindi.

Green Chili Paste

The green chilli paste is an exception here. To maintain the green texture of the recipe, we will use green chilli paste. As a result, we will also get the required heat in the recipe. I mean the teekhapan.

Grated Coconut

It’s not the dry coconut flakes. It is the grated wet coconut. So, therefore, don’t have confusion.

Since we are thorough with all the ingredients, let’s put them together. Here we go.

Making Green Garlic Bhindi

The entire recipe involves just two steps.

Slit all your ladyfingers vertically & fry them. Do not turn them hard by over frying. Medium crisp bhindi is what we need here. Keep aside to drain excess oil.

Now prepare your tadka from the ingredient list down under. Add fried bhindi to the tadka & combine everything gently. Cook on low flame till bhindi become soft.

Keep stirring it so that it doesn’t burn out. It is quick & easy. Try it today.

Hence, that was it with the green garlic bhindi recipe today.