Green Garlic Bhindi is the Ladyfinger vegetable loaded with fresh garlic & masala wala tadka. It’s mouth-watering & tempting. And it’s irresistible. I know. I can understand your feelings.😛😝😜

Okay, jokes apart, but this vegetable is something you can’t avoid.

The taste, texture & aroma is god level. You will know when you will make this yourself. Hence, two quick questions. First, what makes green garlic bhindi special? Another critical point is the difference between normal bhindi & garlic bhindi is?

Normal v/s Green Garlic Bhindi

Normal bhindi is the regular sabji that we make for lunch & dinner. It is cut & sauteed in dry spices using oil. But, generally speaking, it’s the famous bhindi ki sabji.

There’s one more version called bharva bhindi means stuffed bhindi. A masala filling is made, and the ladyfingers are slit vertically, making an incision. The filling is then stuffed & fried on low flame. That’s bharva bhindi.

On the other hand, green garlic bhindi is a little different. First thing first, it has chopped green garlic. Second, it is deep-fried before sauteing in masala. The third and most crucial point is the raw garlic flavour. I love it & I am sure you will love it as well.

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Watch the recipe video to make crispy & creamy aloo bhindi. It is easy & requires fewer items to cook. Moreover, the cooking time is less.

The Taste

Fantabulously fantastical. Period.😝

The fresh garlic is milder in taste compared to mature garlic. Furthermore, it has a savoury aroma. The taste will be sharp with a subtle vegetable undertone if you eat it raw. Okay, that’s a very dramatic description😛😝😜  , but still, green garlic has a mellow flavour.

Surprisingly, green garlic is also known as spring garlic or baby garlic. The slender green leaves are the mark of identification. Yes, just like spring onions (प्याज पत्ता). For those who don’t know, green garlic is pulled before they are divided into individual bulbs.

Bhindi and Indian cuisines have wide culinary usage of fresh green garlic. An example is green garlic pav bhaji.