Cheesy chicken tikka is a party appetizer that just melts in your mouth. The taste is incredibly cheesy and yummy. Kids will surely love this taste. Tender tikkas with a creamy layer topping.

Each bite is like heaven. The chicken taste so much better with cheese. The cream injected in small chicken pieces is proof when it melts.

I am a chicken lover and I always like to make it with different- different flavors. I tried adding orange juice in the chicken rice recipe and now its the cheese.

I got inspired to make this cheesy chicken tikka when I saw one of the cookery show of my favorite legendary chef. She is a charmer in making Non-veg recipes.

I always try to find such chicken inspirations from here & there. I have visited more 6 countries and I love trying cuisines around.

One of my friends used to tell me that why Surti people (people from Surat) add cheese in every dish they make? I didn’t reply with a big pride answer. One day I invited him at home and served him cheesy chicken tikka. For some moment he lost & said, “This is insane.”

Well, now we know the power of cheese. Try this recipe on your friends and share in comments about their experience.