Diabetic-friendly recipes are perfect to live guilt-free & also eat delicious healthy food. Who says eating healthy is boring.

These 14 diabetic recipes will help you overcome your food cravings and make your lifestyle as healthy as possible.

Diabetic people need to eat such foods which have low calorie and carbs with the low glycemic index. Other than that, they should eat protein at least 20 grams per day.

Obviously, they need to follow a diet chart with some restrictions on food. But still, they can eat such foods which are substitutes.

For diabetic people, the food substitutes are there.

We have discovered some great recipes that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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1. Roast Chicken

Diabetic Recipes

Roast Chicken is a delicious and aromatic recipe made with easy home ingredients. You can use low-calorie butter in it to make it a diabetic recipe. This will go great with your dinner plans.

2. Curry Tofu

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.ambitiouskitchen.com

This curry is full of amazing flavors of cashew, coconut, turmeric & bell peppers and the main Tofu. A delicious healthy delicacy to jump over again and again.

3. Chicken Lollipop

Diabetic Recipes

Chicken Lollipop is a popular chicken starter recipe. It is a crispy appetizer to go with evening snacks as well.

4. Spinach Soup

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.foodviva.com

Spinach soup is the perfectly delicious and nutritious soup for your dinner. Spinach regulates blood sugar in the body and is one amazing green leafy veggie.

5. Aloo Bhindi Sabji

Diabetic Recipes

It is Indian vegetable sabji best for the afternoon meal. Bhindi is low-calorie high fiber dietary food which is needed for the diabetic patient.

6. Besan Methi Frankie

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.sanjeevkapoor.com

This is an Indian foreign fusion food recipe that is great in taste. Methi is basically control over how the body uses sugar and how it can release insulin. It is best for diabetes type 2.

7. Grated Cauliflower With Peas

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.tarladalal.com

In this recipe, you can use minimal oil. Cauliflower is low-carb food which a great dish in the diabetic diet. The green peas add another flavor of nutrition in it.

8. Fruit Chaat

Diabetic Recipes

Fruits are always in the picture when we talk about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It is your afternoon delight or morning also. You can sprinkle some chaat masala for taste and eat raw fruits. One tip: always use seasonal fruits in fruit chaat dish.

9. Mexican Spiced Vegetable Quinoa

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.jessicagavin.com

It’s a one-pot quinoa dish that is flooded with healthy vegetables. The dish has protein, fiber, and veggies. This should be included in the diet plan.

10. Palak Kadhi

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.cookingwithmanali.com

Palak Kadhi is extremely healthy & tasty mixed with yogurt. Adding spinach is like a new form of nutrition value.

11. Mexican Caramel Flan

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.eatingwell.com

When you are a lover of desserts then yes there are substitutes too. Instead of using sugar, you can always go for caramel, honey, or jaggery. This Mexican flan is made of caramel which is great for people with diabetes.

12. Sprouts Tikki

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.thefoodsaga.com

Sprouts contain a high level of protein which is good for your body’s health. In this Tikki, you can also add some more green vegetables like green peas & carrots. A perfect nutrition warehouse breakfast recipe.

13. Vegetable Oats Pancakes

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.cookilicious.com

Oats Pancakes are a healthy creation for people with diabetes. It is also a family favorite pancake that you can make in the morning. Oats are low glycemic food and lower your cholesterol.

14. Garlicky Hummus

Diabetic Recipes

Source: www.ifoodreal.com

Hummus is a good source of fiber, minerals & protein. It is made of chickpeas and you can eat it with any healthy roti roll. It is very delicious and in this recipe, it is added with an amazing garlicky flavor.

We hope these food recipe ideas will help you and improve your lifestyle. Discuss with your concerned doctor about your diet plan. Start eating healthy food to make your body strong. We should always focus on clean eating.

For any queries related to recipes, comment below and we will be happy to reply at your concerns.

Diabetic Recipes