We love our grandparents. We all want that they live longer to see our all life’s achievements so that will make them feel complete.

And to do so, the first thing we all should do is focusing on their health. Every day what they eat, how much they eat, when they do exercise is very important.

Because at 50, they start losing energy & focus. They also take medicine on daily basis therefore, it is very crucial to what to eat. With that, they must maintain their weight too.

By just focusing on these immunity boosting recipes, they can achieve maximum strength which will help them to fight their disease.

Remember younger ones, helping them towards taking the right food with the right amount. It will help them cross their goal.

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1. Dalia Khichdi

dalia khichdi

Source: www.vegecravings.com

Our grandparents need a lot of protein, fiber, and iron. This recipe will include all these rich nutrients. Dalia gives ample of energy so they can walk properly and do exercise as well.

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Mint honey giloy kadha is a liquid that is produce by boiling spices, ginger,mint and honey. Here the leaves of the plant giloy is used .

2. Chana Dal & Cabbage Tikki

chana dal tikki

Source: www.hungryforever.com

This recipe includes diabetic-friendly ingredients. It’s a brilliant Tikki flavored with cabbage, cumin seeds & Mint leaves. Kickstart their immune system works better and living health foodie life.

3. Oats Masala Dosa


Source: www.indianhealthyrecipes.com

Only masala oats may not work with elders’ ones because they already have decreased in their tastebuds level. In that case, how about Oats Masala Dosa. Fill their mouth with something masaledar today.

4. Sprouts Pulao

sprouts pulao

Source: www.tarladala.com

This Pulao will give them a nice aromatic dish to eat in their lunch. You can use brown rice to increase the nutrient level. Serve them with a small bowl of curd or flavored raita. They will love each bite of it then.

5. Jowar Upma

jowar upma

Source: www.tarladalal.com

This is a super delicious mood booster recipe. Jowar gives you iron and the recipe also includes vegetables which will give them good fiber. Adding green peas, tomato & carrots will be an amazing option to try on.

6. Spinach Paneer & Dal Soup

spinach paneer and dal soup

Source: www.tarladalal.com

Dairy products should include in their daily meals and soup as well. You can make various soups adding paneer. Spinach is the healthiest option for them. Pour them this soup with their dinner meals.

7. Chana Dal Pancakes/Pudla


Source: www.tarladalal.com

Since my 16 age, my mother is cooking Pudla for me in my breakfast. You can do the same for them. Every day try new Pudla recipes. But tomorrow morning, start with this Chana dal.

8. Lemon Rice

lemon rice

South Indian Lemon rice is one of the easiest, colorful and mouth-watering rice dish. A perfect tangy meal which will bring your elder ones goosebumps.

9. Ragi & Coriander Uttapa


Source: www.tarladalal.com

During their 50-60 age, they start losing calcium in their bones. To nurture their bones, cook this recipe for them. Garnish it with some lemon drops, serve them with cucumber raita. It’s easy to chew recipe eat for their hunger pangs.

10. Gujarati Suva Kadhi

gujarati suva kadhi

Source: www.theveggieindian.com

One of the best Gujarati Soup- Kadhi. Even I can have this every day. For North Indians, it will be sambhar-rice. Our Desi Gujarati Kadhi has yogurt and spices as a base. That’s what makes it so dumpling. You can serve your grandparents with steamed rice or roti as well.

Daily things to take care of your grandparents:

  • Make sure what they eat in the morning
  • Give them Citrus fruit juice but not in heavy quantity as they can get cold
  • Give them easy to chew foods
  • Don’t cook their food in deep fry oils
  • Watch their exercise schedule
  • Give them massage to let their blood flow properly in the body

The connection of mind, body, and food has a direct relation to each other.