Mint honey giloy kadha is a liquid that one can produce by boiling spices, ginger, mint, and honey. One can use leaves of plant giloy as well for the preparation and decorations.

Kadha is preparing a liquid from the heating or boiling substances, specifically medicinal plants. It is a concentrated liquid that serves healing purposes. Here the usage of the giloy plant is done that is, or amruta is known in Sanskrit.

The common name for the giloy plant is Heart-leaved moonseed, which grows in the tropical region of the Indian subcontinent. It is a plant that beholds many health benefits like boosting immunity, fighting chronic diseases, treating diabetes, relieving stress, many more.

If you are not a fan of medicines-that, almost no one is, especially for minimal diseases like cold and flu. Mint honey giloy kadha is the next best option and a remedy to treat yourself, and at home that too.

With this simple home remedy, you can get rid of the common cold or fever you might be suffering. But this is not just for treating these diseases.

It is an ultimate medicine for you. Not treats diseases but prevents them from attacking you too, saving you many sufferings because of illness. It is especially great for increasing your immunity and cleansing your respiratory system.

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