Mint Ajwain Lemon Kadha is a liquid prepare with boiling spices like cardamom, black pepper, herbs like mint, and lemon. Kadha is a common household remedy in Indian households for diseases like cough, cold and fever since ages.

Kadha or decoction is a concentrated liquid that is made from heating or boiling substance(s), especially with medicinal plants or herbs.  All the herbs or spices in this liquid contribute significantly to the immunity and strength of our body.

Maintaining immunity in our body is so important to fight from different types of diseases. It is especially necessary at the time like this when we are fighting a pandemic presently.

Mint Ajwain Lemon kadha does prove helpful in boosting immunity and fighting from diseases to many individuals. Even now, the aged people in India prefer to treat their cold with this decoction rather than gulping allopathic tablets.

Most of the ingredients in here possess antioxidant properties that protect our system from harmful compounds. And lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C that in itself is necessary for immunity as well as protect the heart from chronic diseases.

The best part of this kadha is that you will easily find the ingredients in the kitchen of every house. So this recipe contains various health benefits, and we can also make it with less fuss and is affordable too.

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