Chatpati Aloo Bhindi Sabji is an Indian veg cuisine, usually served in afternoon meals. Aloo Bhindi Sabji has a different taste than the regular gravy made using onions and tomatoes.

If you or your hubby are tired of the regular gravy then, It can be a taste changer. Using Besan makes it a bit crispy and gives a lovable gooey taste.

I have too much of my memories attached to this recipe. My Mom makes the best Aloo Bhindi in the world. This prejudice is with every child. His/Her mom is the best in the world.

I used to work in Dubai and come once a year for a vacation to India. The first thing I would tell my mom to make this sabji. I used to make it in Dubai too but never was able to match the taste.

It gets just sweeter and tastier with mom’s love. Try this at home and do let us know about your feelings.