Shahi lassi, as the name suggests, is a beverage with a royal touch in taste and texture. Lassi is a famous beverage in the Indian subcontinent, especially in Punjab’s regions. Dry fruits for garnishing and ice cream will make your shahi lassi more refreshing than the regular Lassi. With these ingredients, this Lassi truly lives up to its name; the word “Shahi” or Royal suits it quite well.

While we are already adding dry fruits and ice cream to Lassi, few ingredients can make it even more enticing. Though everyone from all age groups loves Lassi, these additions will make even kids who are picky in their food habits love shahi lassi!

Why is It Called Shahi Lassi?

Shahi lassi is Shahi because of its Dry Fruits and Ice cream.

Dry fruits are often associated with royalness due to their price, high nutritional value and association with kings in the era of empires. Shahi Lassi is loaded with dry fruits, making the Lassi extra rich and tasty.

On top of that, it also includes the rich texture and taste of ice cream. Lassis generally do not have ice cream, but the taste of curd blending with ice cream flavour makes it Shahi.

Which Ice Cream Flavours to Use

I am using simple vanilla ice cream in this recipe here, but you can use Rajbhog flavour ice cream for an extra royal taste.

However, any flavours of ice creams will add extra creaminess and play a significant role in enhancing the taste of shahi lassi.

One point to note is some ice cream flavours already include dry fruits such as Badam Pista, Kaju Anjeer, roasted almonds, and Rajbhog. The way these flavours have integrated dry fruits in them, it will be a delightful experience to try them in your Lassi. If you are adding these flavours, you can cut down on the dry fruits you want to be adding. Make sure you do not overdo with dry fruits.

Fruit-based flavours are also good to add; Mango malai, shahi Gulab, and strawberry are some of the better choices of ice cream flavours to use in Lassi.

If you do not want to use these fruit-based ice creams, then chocolate and butterscotch are good options.

Lassi Vs Thandai:

Thandai and Lassi are both very famous as refreshing beverages. But they both are significantly different.

  • Thandai is milk-based, and Lassi is curd-based.
  • Thandai is part of every Holi festival, and Lassi is more of a Navaratri drink as it is ok to have it during fasts.
  • Bhang is a variant of Thandai, and people prefer adding bhang to Thandai during the festival of Holi.
  • There are many variants of Lassi, including the Shahi lassi, but there aren’t too many common variations of Thandai.
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