Paneer Tikka is a tandoor snack especially popular in North India. In it, paneer or Indian cottage cheese is marinated using yoghurt and spices and grilled thereafter.

Usually, paneer tikka is grilled in a tandoor or barbecue. But if you don’t have one, then you can just grill it in an oven, grilling pan, or the simple pan like we did here.

Cooking in a tandoor gives a smoky taste to the dish. The charcoal smoke used here, in the end, is to create a similar effect of the smokey flavor as it will in a tandoor. If you do not want it, simply eliminate the step. Or just bake the paneer tikka in the oven.

We will find a number of varieties of paneer tikka. This one here is the classic version of this recipe you will find.

It is not only delicious but rather healthy as well. Paneer itself is very nutritious in terms of vitamins required for bones. And the use of the other vegetable just adds to the nutrition.

This dish contains no gravy. This is the reason why it quite popular as a starter, especially in restaurants.

Paneer is the most favorite food for vegetarians. So naturally, it will make a great appetizer in parties or gatherings, especially in an Indian household.

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