Mashed potato pomegranate salad is so refreshing and tangy in taste. It is a 15-minute salad recipe. It has the best flavour because of the mixture of pomegranate & fresh coriander leaves.

It is my personal favourite salad of all time. And there are mainly two reasons: 1. It has mashed potato which I love the most & 2. It has a tanginess. It tastes so nice when you have both things on your plate.

Even the coriander charms the whole salad plate. You can have this salad dish when you have no cook day.

It serves the basic people food that they feel awesome about. This salad is worthy of your claps. I first made it when one day I was too tired coming from the office. My wife not feeling well.

For working women and bachelors living alone, this is a daily story. You come late from office to tired and not feeling like cooking at all. This salad serves as a saviour to all of us in lazy days.

Trust me! Your mouth will be filled with awesome taste & as well your tummy will be filled with ‘so good” food.