Dal ghee is a typical staple Indian style side dish. It’s a thicker smooth, and colorful recipe. This is one of the all-time favorites for kids even people who love less spicy with the flavor of ghee.

We south Indians usually prepare at least twice a week because it is easy and nutrient-rich lunch box recipe for your kids & husband.

Dal is the most essential thing in our daily Indian food. We all get most of the good sources of protein from it. It takes very less time to prepare plus you can have a hearty lunch with your family.

It’s a tradition going for long. Every Indian household has a different taste in making dal. My aunt living in the neighborhood has an amazing texture to her dal. My kiddo loves “aunty ki dal”. It’s so amazing sharing lovely food with your neighbors and calling them out for dinner.

This Sunday I decided to plan a get-together with all aunties at my home and serving this Dal ghee. We keep on tasting each other’s dal on especially Sunday and enjoy our time together.

There are some amazing memories with Dal. What are yours? Share with me in the comments.

Serve Dal with hot rice. It goes well with ven Pongal and any kind of Indian style tiffin items.

I am using Toor dal but you can prepare with the combo of a green gram too.