Apple Raita is a simple raita recipe to enjoy along with lunch or dinner meal. It’s Indian, vegan, and full of flavors recipe.

Moreover, one can prepare Apple Raita with a few ingredients like curd, apples, cumin powder, coriander powder, red chili powder, and pomegranate seeds.

Also, it has vibrant colors and textures of fruits, veggies, and Indian spices mix. The tangy and little spicy taste makes it substantial than the life dish. In Indian food culture, raita is known as a yogurt-based sauce to kill heat days and feel cold inside.

We all know apple is such an important fruit that helps us gain vitamins like A and C. It’s tangy and sweet, and when mixed with curd, the taste is outrageous.

So, make this easy to make a raita recipe at home for your kids and family and enjoy its crisp taste. It will help you gain some energy as well because raitas are always best for summertime to enjoy hot days with much better food choices.

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