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Tasty treats for your humble honey

Most of the Indian women are complaining about the same thing! Why my husband is not eating lunch I cook for him & order it from Zomato? I was wondering what tasty treats to give your husband so that your long lost husband will come to an easy healthy eating. That’s where the role of […]

Sandwich Recipes
Indian Recipes To Try Before You Die

Food is everywhere. So is foodies. Visualising foods all the time, talking about it, Planning a trip to a place where one of the dishes is famous- these are the real traits of a foodie. Likewise, I made a pact with myself that in next coming 1 year I will be visiting Rajasthan to eat […]

Indian Fusion Recipes

Indian fusion recipes are the talk of the town and let me share 40 amazing and unique Indian fusion desserts, appetizers, drinks and main course recipes.

Famous Recipes From Each States Of India

Wishing you all Happy Independence Day! On this special day, I have decided to list out famous recipes from each state of India. Watch the videos & learn to make your version of India’s famous food recipes. 1. Arunachal Pradesh, Thukpa Recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor 2. Andhra Pradesh, Pootha Rekulu Recipe By Gayatri Sharma 3. […]

Tricolor Recipes

It’s a colorful day to celebrate. It’s independence day readers! 15th August 1947 is the day India is celebrating its freedom. This is the day when we saw smiles on faces & saluted our freedom fighters for never giving up. On this special celebration, why not give a patriotic feeling to our food? We all celebrate […]

Desi Breakfast Recipes for Not So Indian NRIs

Staying miles away from home has some odds too. Like a homesickness, people feel food sickness too. No matter where you are if your stomach is not happy and satisfied, you are not happy under that tall Eiffel tower too. Being an NRI, you get all the booze on weekends & non-vegan breakfast but these […]

Immunity Boosting Recipes For 50 & Above Revealed

We love our grandparents. We all want that they live longer to see our all life’s achievements so that will make them feel complete. And to do so, the first thing we all should do is focusing on their health. Every day what they eat, how much they eat, when they do exercise is very important. Because […]

These 9 Veg dishes taste like non-veg?

Veg dishes taste like non-veg? Yes, readers! You read the exact thing I mentioned. I like some non-veg dishes and for me, it’s like the best gift I have ever got! My mom doesn’t like non-veg so it was never for me to cook the non-veg dish at home. I wanted to find out what […]

Tasty Dinner Ideas

Weeklies evening are generally the busiest for all of us. Even if I talk about me then I get free in evening at around 7.00 pm after completing all the writing recipe works completely. We all need tasty dinner ideas for every evening. So if I want to shut down my brain and engage with […]

Must -Have Recipes for breastfeeding moms

The child is a sweet responsibility every parent wish to get. You just want your child’s health maintained with best rich available nutrients. That is why I have hand-curated these must-have recipes for breastfeeding moms. But as a family, we are forgetting one important member here. Mother. Every child’s mother needs nutrients too to produce milk. […]

viral food dishes

Social media is just not only about social or business forum created by some junkie social marketers. Now the food genre has also taken its ticket to social media. Check out this 10 unique viral food dishes currently trending on social media. Unique Food dishes viral material that looks outstanding, glorious, rich and flames better […] 2017-2018. Content and Images are Licensed Under Creative Commons with Attribution Required.