Oh yes! It’s a weekend. Finally, the day has come & I know you all are really excited to explore something new. Saturday & Sunday for me is like exploring day. I get to know new places to hang out & also trying street food.

Also in my city where I live, a lot of exhibitions and Mela takes place. So I again get choices to eat out satisfyingly.

But What if you want to eat the street like the food at home. As I said, exploring makes you smart and implementing your experiences makes you smarter.

Whenever you eat food outside, sometimes you feel “I can make this at home too”.

Kind of this things comes to me also. You don’t really have to wait now to explore.

Because I got you these yummy street food recipes which you can make it at home & enjoy with your friends on weekend evenings. I enjoy eating street food at home and play badminton on Sunday evenings.

Cool idea?

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1. Aloo Tikki


Saturday Street Food recipes

Source: www.pinchofyum.com

Aloo Tikki is a stuffed potato veggie cake which sounds great with red or green chutney. It has the bursting flavor of veggies inside. It’s actually a really easy recipe to make at home. Make it at home and share your pictures.

2. Dahi Vada

Saturday Street Food recipes

Dahi vada is a classic and seldom needs any introduction. A great side dish and a party snack. It’s also a famous Indian street food available at all stalls and restaurants. Dahi means yogurt and Vada means fried lentil dumplings.

3. Bread Pakoda

Saturday Street Food recipes

Source: www.sanaasrecipes.com

One of the freakiest yummy recipe to eat on the streets of India. These yummy bread packets are famous tea time snack as well as breakfast recipes. Especially office people love eating bread pakoda in short breaks. This is a step by step guide for you to make bread pakoda. Now eat a whole yummy pack of happiness at home too.

4. Kesar Pista Falooda

Saturday Street Food recipes

Source: www.magicofindiarasoi.com

This Falooda is milk based yummy falooda which is made using basil seeds, vermicelli & ice cream. You can add any fruit flavor to it to make it tastier. This is an instant recipe to make Kesar Pista falooda at home. Do try it today.

5. Raj Kachori

Saturday Street Food recipes

Source: www.hungryforever.com

Raj Kachori is enlarged version of Pani Puri. Literally, it is outperforming any other chaat in the taste of Indian street foods. It’s thinner, crunchy and cold because it has yogurt in it.

6. Surti Locho

Saturday Street Food recipes

Source: www.bhavnaskitchen.com

It typical stall eatings in Surat and loved so much surtis. It’s morning hook up food for you and you will never get enough of it. Firstly, it’s hot served, it’s soft & then it has a chilly feeling.

You can make varieties with locho. You can add Indian curry or mayonnaise cheese on the top of it & it’s just amazing. Try out the recipe at home. This may take various attempts but you will enjoy your perseverance.

7. Maggi Pakoda

Saturday Street Food recipes

Source: www.indianfoodrecipesonline.com

I know you all eat Maggi most of the time at home only but outside also. You have been eating it with the same kind of or similar to that kind of taste but this style is unique in itself. You gonna love this combination.

8. Aloo Ka Paratha

Saturday Street Food recipes

Source: www.cookwithmanali.com

When you don’t know what to eat outside, you can grab aloo ka paratha for you! I don’t know about other cities but I know about Surat. Here every evening, there is Aloo ka Paratha Thela.  So I thought let me share the best recipe for you!

9. Barf Ka Gola

Saturday Street Food recipes

Source: www.madhurasrecipe.com

OMG! I love this so much. I am a big fan of Gola. Firstly our India’s heat kills you and then suddenly you see Barf ka Golawala and ask for your favorite flavors. When I mostly go with my friends out so we together enjoy this thrill.

10. Fluffy Idly

Saturday Street Food recipes

A fun fact – The true meaning of the idly is (ittu+avi-put +boil) in the Tamil language, but later it trimmed into idly.

Here you can seize one of the ultimate favored evergreen South Indian Fluffy Idly.

Don’t wait anymore & enjoy these homemade street food recipes to enjoy the desi Indian taste. This is what we have loved till now & will always love.

Have fun on the weekends!

Saturday Street Food recipes