Aromatic Kachche Murgh Ki Biryani is a rice dish made in a different and traditional way by adding the marinated chicken directly with rice and the freshly crushed Indian spices. Every grain of rice in this biryani has the aroma of chicken and the spices.A dish that cannot be denied by any chicken lover.

Usually, Chicken or Murgh Biryani is made by preparing the chicken gravy and rice differently and then layered. But Kachche Murgh Ki Biryani is layered from the start with uncooked chicken. Women love this recipe because it is really easy and simple to cook.

When I am given a chance to choose from these two types, I would prefer the Kache Murg Ki Biryani over the normal chicken Biryani. Try this once and I bet you will go for it again and again.

The reason behind this is that every grain of rice in Kachche Murgh ki biryani has the aroma of chicken and the spices. Whereas in normal chicken biryani the lower layers only have that aroma.