Here are 40 new and easy pumpkin recipes. Different variations of Pumpkin like cake, pastries, pasta, soup, pizza, salad and a lot more than you can prepare.

Enjoy these recipes during lunch, dinner or evening snack time. Some of them are healthy and sure to include in the diet.

Pumpkin is a highly nutritious fruit and rich in vitamin A. Moreover, it can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

So, let’s get into some delicious, spicy and tangy recipes to enjoy with your friends and family.

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1. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies With Pumpkin Buttercream



Pumpkin Whoopie Pies With Pumpkin Buttercream is an amazing pie recipe.

Also, the cookies are gluten-free and one can make it from regular flour.

Moreover, the Pumpkin buttercream is all set to hit the fire in your mouth.

2. Pumpkin Spice Shakeology



Pumpkin spice shakeology is a plant-based smoothie. It’s healthy and packed with nutrition.

Also, it is good to curb craving and weight-loss. It is 100% vegan and a fantastic compliment for a vegan diet.

3. Pumpkin Pecan Muffins



Pumpkin Pecan Muffins are tasty, healthy and delicious muffin recipe.

Made of Pumpkin puree, Pecan, almond flour. cinnamon, ground nutmeg, maple syrup, and all spices powder.

Also, it’s super smooth, soft that gives you a good treat day.

4. Jalapeno Pumpkin Soup



Jalapeno Pumpkin Soup is almost like a broth, not too heavy on your stomach.

Also, it’s a low-calorie soup and healthy for balancing your diet.

Besides, this soup takes minimal efforts and little spicy and tangy tastes amazing.

5. Pumpkin Cream Crumble Bars



Pumpkin Cream Crumble Bars are smaller snack dessert bars.

Also, it’s a baking recipe that will be loved by kids. A nice Pumpkin recipe for an evening snack.

6. Vegan Pumpkin Spaghetti



Vegan Pumpkin Spaghetti is a quick pasta recipe to make at home.

Also, it’s a perfect blend of Pumpkin, pasta, garlic, and all other spices. Kids going to love this Pumpkin recipe.

7. Carrot Pumpkin Soup



Carrot Pumpkin Soup is a warm, savory, and soothing soup. It’s healthy, tangy and mixes with all spices tastes great.

Moreover, it’s a perfect Pumpkin recipe for dinner time.

8. Pumpkin Spice Mousse



Pumpkin Spice Mousse is a fluffy, smooth, well-blended, and sweet mousse recipe. It’s a delicious and creamy dessert recipe to enjoy eating at home with family.

9. Pumpkin Thai Curry



Pumpkin Thai Curry is creamy and flavorsome curry.

Its savory Pumpkin curry sauce mix with veggies taste delicious. A perfect dinner recipe for family and guests.

10. Pumpkin Pie



Pumpkin Pie is a perfect dessert to entice guests.

Moreover, it’s a sweet, crunchy and yummy recipe with chocolate flavor that goes well. A delicious treat and one of the amazing pumpkin recipes for your loved ones.

11. No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake



No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake is a quick dessert recipe.

Moreover, make the outside crust and fill it with cheesecake filling and refrigerate it.

Enjoy the delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe for a birthday or some special occasions.

12. Cranberry Pumpkin Dinner Rolls



Cranberry Pumpkin Dinner Rolls is a soft and fluffy roll perfect for snacking.

Also, these rolls are bake up with a soft texture and studded with dried cranberries for a sweet taste.

Moreover, it gives jam filling inside the mouth and kids will enjoy it the most.

13. Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo



Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo is a little spicy and tangy pasta recipe.

However, one has to roast the pumpkin in the oven and then smash it and then saute it on the pan for making a puree.

Also, add spices and hazelnut for a rich taste and your pasta is ready for dinner.

14. Pumpkin Spelt Focaccia Bread



Pumpkin Spelt Focaccia Bread is a cheesy and delicious bread recipe to enjoy for evening snacks or a light dinner.

Moreover, made of bread dough, pumpkin puree, and other spices. A nice pizza Pumpkin recipe for kids.

15. Autumn Salad With Creamy Pumpkin Dressing



Autumn Salad With Creamy Pumpkin Dressing is a delicious perfect golden color salad recipe.

Also, it’s a simple salad that looks pretty and festive. Made of honey crisp apple slices, pumpkin seeds, roasted acorn squash, and pomegranate seeds.

Moreover, the creamy dressing is prepared with Pumpkin puree, olive oil, greek yogurt, maple syrup, and garlic powder.

16. Vegan Pumpkin Galette



Vegan Pumpkin Galette is a pizza recipe that is healthy and tasty. First, prepare the dough mix and then make the Pumpkin puree and caramelized onions.

Then, bake it and your dinner is ready. A unique pumpkin recipe that goes well in house-warming parties too.

17. Chicken Baked With Pumpkin And Bell Pepper



Chicken Baked With Pumpkin and Bell Pepper is a scrumptious dinner recipe.

Made of chicken leg, pumpkin, chicken stock, tomato, and other spices.

Also, It’s a spicy, tangy and yummy recipe to enjoy with a guest.

18. Pumpkin Gnocchi With Walnuts And Creamy Sage Sauce



Pumpkin Gnocchi With Walnuts and Creamy Sage Sauce is a fun recipe with mouth-watering experience.

Moreover, Gnocchi is a kind of pasta variety. Mix Gnocchi pasta with sage sauce and prepare a hot dish.

19. Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats



Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats is a delicious and protein-rich pie recipe. Also, It’s creamy and superfood.

Moreover, the pie is a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspices, cloves and ginger recipe.

20. Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pumpkin Bread



Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pumpkin Bread is a pack with chocolate chips, oats, and pumpkin puree.

Also, It’s a delicious bread recipe with vanilla and chocolate flavor.

Moreover, eat it anytime a day and enjoy this Pumpkin recipe with your friends.

21. Pumpkin Roll



Pumpkin Roll is a silky creamy frosting cake recipe. It is an amazing dessert recipe for the guest coming house.

Additionally, a splash of Vanilla with cinnamon flavor tastes marvelous. Also, make this Pumpkin recipe during special occasions.

22. Pumpkin Spice Waffles



Pumpkin Spice Waffles is a delicious dessert recipe.

Besides, the waffle is pack with Pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. A perfect Pumpkin recipe for breakfast.

Furthermore, top the waffle with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup.

23. Keto No-Bake Protein Balls



Keto No-Bake Protein Balls are healthy and low-calorie chocolate balls.

Made of peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, chia seeds, caramel syrup, and pumpkin puree.

Also, it’s delicious and tasty balls.

24. Pumpkin Pancakes



Pumpkin Pancake is a scrumptious dessert recipe.

Moreover, it gets ready quickly and made of rolled oats, pumpkin puree, honey, and oat milk.

25. Vegan Rice Stuffed Pumpkin

vegan-rice-stuffed-pumpkin Source:

Vegan Rice Stuffed Pumpkin is a perfect blend of sweet and savory dishes.

Also, it’s a gluten-free and stunning rice recipe.

Moreover, it’s very easy to make Pumpkin recipe, gregarious looking, very inexpensive, and delicious.

26. South Indian Pumpkin Fry

south indian pumpkin fry

South Indian Pumpkin Fry is a savory and crunchy Pumpkin recipe.

Also, it’s a shallow fry and spicy recipe to enjoy during evening snack.

27. Pumpkin Panna Cotta



Pumpkin Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert. Made with milk and gelatin to give a creamy texture.

Also, it has a Pumpkin flavor inside it. An amazing dessert recipe after dinner to enjoy with friends and family.

28. Pumpkin Spice Cake With Salted Brown Sugar Buttercream



Pumpkin Spice Cake With Salted Brown Sugar Buttercream is a moist pumpkin cake.

Additionally, coated and filled with creamy layers, and sweet brown sugar buttercream. It’s an attractive and delicious cake recipe for birthday parties.

29. Roasted Pumpkin With Maple Syrup, Cranberries, and Apples



Roasted Pumpkin With Maple Syrup, Cranberries, and Apples are quick and easy recipes. A healthy and gluten-free side dish. A  delicious and tender roasted Pumpkin is ready to mix with veggies and maple syrup.

30. Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo Rice



Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo Rice is one of the delicious Pumpkin recipes.

Moreover, made with brown rice, sauteed onion garlic, and kale. It’ a tummy-filling rice recipe for dinner.

31. Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts



Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts is warm, bursting with the flavor of Pumpkin.

Moreover, a perfect treat for kids and easy to make. Also, it’s gluten-free, soft and smooth doughnuts you can accompany with any flavor.

32. Pumpkin Cupcakes



Pumpkin Pancakes is a gluten-free and easy party recipe These cute cupcakes are made of

Furthermore, pumpkin puree and creamy frosting on the top look cheerful. Enjoy this Pumpkin recipe with your friends and family.

33. Vegan Pumpkin Tortellini



Vegan Pumpkin Tortellini is a perfect dinner recipe. Made with flavors of ginger, garlic, coconut, and pumpkin.

Also, a tasty bite that tastes spicy, tangy, and gravy full. This pumpkin recipe is good to make for guests or any special occasion.

34. Shortbread Cookies Sandwich With Quick Caramel Sauce



Shortbread Cookies Sandwich With Quick Caramel Sauce is a kid-friendly recipe.

Furthermore, these cookies are crispy, chocolatey inside, buttery, and delicious.

Additionally, made with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. A lovely cookies recipe to enjoy with kids.

35. Pumpkin Empanadas



Pumpkin Empanadas are sweet and traditional Spanish recipes.

Moreover, Empanadas are pastries stuff with pumpkin puree, butter, brown sugar, egg, ground cinnamon, and ground cloves.

Also, one can use different fillings to make this empanada.

Also, the word empanadas are Spanish and mean something coated in bread.

36. Pumpkin Walnut Burger


Pumpkin Walnut Burger is prepared with chipotle yogurt sauce.

Bursting with flavors of chickpea, walnuts, pumpkin, oats, and sage. This burger is healthy and gives you scrumptious taste till the last bite.

37. Pumpkin Cheese Balls



Pumpkin Cheese Balls are appetizers to serve in-home parties. Made with paprika, cream cheese, and pesto.

Also, it’s delicious mini darlings even kids will love the most. Moreover, these balls are given a shape like a squash that looks pretty solid.

38. Kasi Halwa



Kasi Halwa is a delicious dessert recipe with white pumpkin. It’s a simple and tasty heavenly recipe.

Moreover, the crushed white pumpkin will give you refreshing taste. One of the textures good pumpkin recipes to enjoy with loved ones.

39. Pumpkin Ravioli



Pumpkin Ravioli is a pasta recipe that one can enjoy in dinner. Ravioli is a version of pasta that is enveloped style and prepare with the flavor of pumpkin.

Also, it’s origin from Italy. Ravioli are commonly square and cook with toasted walnuts. A squeeze of lemon will bring extra joy from this dish.

40. Starbucks Pumpkin Scones



Starbucks Pumpkin Scones are tender and soft. Made with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves give these scones a wonderful flavor.

Moreover, two icings are done on scones. One is vanilla and the other is spiced icing that lifts the taste.

Celebrate your special occasions with these pumpkin recipes. Serve variations in dinner every weekend and host a great party your guest will never forget.