Here is a list of lentils’ names and their names in a few different Indian languages like English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi. Let’s take a look at them.

Most of the time, we reach out for meat or fish to fulfil our protein needs. But there is a massive chance that you cannot eat them for whatever reasons. This is where pulses and lentils come to your rescue.

Pulses or lentils are a great source of protein. That means it can be the go-to option for vegans. Moreover, India is a vegetarian country. Therefore, there is a mass usage of these legumes in Indian cuisine.

Not just the spicy main course is made out of these lentils and pulses, but many sweet dishes as well.  E.g., moong dal halwa, green moong ladoo, chana dal barfi, etc.

Even though these pulses and lentils are extremely nutritious, some people have difficulty digesting them. To avoid that, soak them for a few hours, draining and rinsing them later before cooking. Doing this also reduces their cooking time for them.

Refer to the table below for information on the lentils’ names in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, etc.

English Bengali Gujarati Hindi Marathi Tamil
Bengal Gram (split & skinned) Chana dal, chane ki dal,
Booter dal
Harbaryachi dal,
Chanyachi dal
Kadalai paruppu
Bengal Gram Flour/Gram Flour Bēsana Caṇā nō lōṭa Besan Ḍāḷīcē pīṭha Kadalai mavu
Bengal Gram Whole/ Black Chickpeas Kālō grāma Kāḷā Caṇā kaala chana Kāḷā harabharā
Black Eyed Peas/Cow Pea Lobiya Chawli Lobhiya, lobiya, chawli, chavli Chavali Karamani
Black Gram Skinned Biuli Dal/Kolai Dal Aḍadanī dāḷa udad daal Uḍīda ḍāḷa Uḷuttam paruppu
White Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans Chōlā Kābulī cannā, Kabuli channa,
Safed chole, chole
Kondai kadalai
Field bean,
Hyacinth bean, lablab
Lablab ḍāla Vaal
Green Gram Dal/Mung Bean Muga ḍāla Maganī dāḷa Moong dala Maganī dāḷa
Green gram split Moong chilka Mugachi dal
Green gram whole Moong sabut, mung sabut Mug Payaru
Horse Gram Kulthi, kulith Kollu
Lentil dal, pink lentil, red lentil Lāla masura ḍāla masoor daal Lāla masūra Civappu paruppu
White Peas Sādā maṭara Saphēda vaṭāṇā saphed matar Pāṇḍharē vāṭāṇē Veḷḷai paṭṭāṇi
Black Peas Kala vatana
Peas spilt, green peas spilt Matar dal, green matar dal
Pigeon Peas Split ārahara masura ḍāla arahara dāḷa arahar kee daal arahara masūra Thuvarum paruppu
Red Kidney Beans Rājamā Rājamā raajama Rājamā Rajma
Brown Lentils masoor Masoor (Akkha) Masoor