These 15 best Indian Rice recipes are the most simple recipes of times. It’s quick and easy to make recipes for your lunch or dinner as well. There will be some tastiest rice dishes of all time favorite.

You can use brown rice as well as in some rice recipes. During your diet period, it will help you the most to digest. These recipes are all Indian authentic recipes. whistle your cooker and get these amazing cooked recipes of Indian Cuisines.

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1. Hyderabadi Veg Dum Biryani

hyderabadi dum biryani recipe


Hyderabadi veg dum biryani is delicious rice recipe. It has an amazing aromatic preparation and looks s delightful that you lick your finger everytime you have the bite. It is a mixture of succulent vegetables, spices, ghee, basmati rice, and saffron.

2. Tamarind Rice

tamarind rice recipe


Tamarind rice is a famous main course dish from Andhra Pradesh. It is a popular south Indian recipe. It is tasty tangy, sour and spiced rice.

3. Vegetable Tehri Rice

vegetable tehri recipe


Vegetable Tehri rice is one pot rice recipe prepared for the lunch boxes for adults and children. It is originated in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the fancy looking basmati rice recipe ever.

4. Vangi Bhaat recipe


Vangi bhaa recipe


Simple, delicious rice recipe from Karnataka cuisine. It is the most authentic and traditional rice recipe. There are some tantalizing spiced added in the rice makes the taste super amazing.

5. Three Layered Rice

Three Layered Rice Recipe


You can make this three-layered rice recipe with any combination. Whether it’s with Kabuli rice or tri-color rice or Mexican layered rice as well. You can make sweet as well as spicy combination with all rice dishes.

6. Spanish Rice

spanish rice recipe


Add something tasty on today’s family dinner today. You have maximum choices with ingredients with this rice recipe. You can serve it as a side dish with a family gathering. This the best Spanish recipe mentioned here.

7. Ayurvedic Khichdi


Ayurvedic khichdi


Indian Ayurveda offers one of the exceptional dishes and that is one & only Ayurvedic khichdi. It is a powerhouse that one will need to get the energy throughout busy weekdays. It has humblest ingredients that nourish your body well and give skin blow.

8. Tomato Rice

Tomato rice recipe


This is one of my favorite recipe for on the go food. Tomatoes are the best meet with rice. Isn’t’ it? It is an extremely tasty rice recipe.

9. Zafrani Pulao

zafrani pulao recipe


Zafrani Pulao dish is one of the rich in taste rice recipe. It has rich ingredients and light treat on your palate. It has nuts, basmati rice & saffron.

10. Coconut Rice

coconut rice recipe


This is one of the south Indian favorite rice recipes. It is prepared by soaking the rice in coconut milk. It is easy- to- make recipe at home for your lunch or dinner garnished with curry leaves.

11. Handi Biryani


Veg Handi Biryani


Handi biryani gets its name from a vessel called as Handi. Handi is deep in which it is cooked. Therefore it builds aroma on while serving on your plate. Easy to digest and simple rice recipe for your lunch or dinner.

12. South Indian Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice


South Indian Lemon rice is one of the easiest, colorful and mouth-watering rice dish. It is one of our school time favorite. A complete meal and you can eat it with curd, raita or any chutney.

13. Sigdi Smoked Rice

Sigdi Smoked Rice


Sigdi Smoked Rice is a very aromatic and delightful rice dish made with boneless chicken, veggies, basmati rice, tandoori masala and other at home ingredients. It smoked flavor will make you go mad and forget everything.

14. Singapore Fried Rice




Spicy Singapore Rice is lovely Chinese dish made in an Indian style. For those who love the spicy cuisine. This is our best Indian rice recipes.

15. Carrot Rice Recipe

carrot rice recipe


This is a slightly spiced and pleasant recipe. We can prepare in two different ways. This is the best method to cherish your leftover rice and you can also prepare a fresh one-pot meal for your quick lunch. Let’s get into the simplest method for this recipe.

Try these best Indian rice recipes at home. My experience with Spanish rice was very good as I always give fusion with Indian recipes. Do share your suggestions as on which food recipes you want us to cover in the next blog. Till then, check the various recipes, follow the steps and make your night wonderful.