Halloween festival is a really interesting fest. A lot of fun with Food and Haunted Stories. It comes with a lot of fun activities that you can enjoy with friends in school, college or anywhere with anyone.

Having delicious horror desserts is the main charm of the fest so here we present you 10 ways to make Halloween recipes which will get your friends to go scream at home.

During this Halloween festival, people enjoy it by playing a prank with others, goes to haunted places and tell scary stories to each other. That’s so fun, right?

We all love horror movies because it just gets so better & better close to the ending. So we thought to give you some night food ideas that you can have with your friends at home for one awesome Halloween experience. What say?

Let the devil bring in you and do some scary pranks in terms of foods with your friends.

You can try some of these 10 Outrageous Ideas For Indian Fusion Drinks for this Halloween.

Click the images to get a scary recipe. 

1. Witches Fingers Pizza Sticks

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.tipbuzz.com

It’s time for some spooky fun. What better pizza you can eat all together. It’s time to face real horror. Go & make fingers pizza and sleep well.

2. Halloween Chocolate Cherry Hand Pies

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.houseofnasheats.com

Frighten your friends with some fun and present them Halloween chocolate cherry hand pies. It’s a bit unique hand pies you will ever have.

3. Brownie Cupcakes For Halloween

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.twosisterscrafting.com

Super yummy, classic cupcakes to make on Halloween day. It’s super easy to make pancake & the frosting is really amazing to see.

4. Mini Bat Treats

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.chelseasmessyapron.com

Making this bat treats really makes you Halloween obsessed guy or girl. If you have spare Oreo packs at home then your job is done. Start your night with some gratifying treats.

5. Spicy Little Devil Cupcakes

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.thecrumbykitchen.com

Eating these cupcakes and remembering Salman Khan. Right? We remember the most viral dialogue: “Aap Devil ke niche aur Devil apace niche, too much fun! Have fun guys!

6. Cheesy Halloween Breadsticks bones

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.justataste.com

Who loves breadsticks? Do you want some real fun with it? Then try this cheesy Halloween treat to your happy go stomach. The bones are not real but still keep it away from your dog. He may misunderstand your Halloween fun.

7. Witches Hat

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.chelseasmessyapron.com

Halloween can go cute also. These are the thin Oreos which you will get in the market. It is used as base & hat has given shape with kisses chocolates with some sprinkles. It stands out on all easy to make recipes.

8. Haunted Haystacks

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.butterwithasideofbread.com

It’s a real revamping Halloween idea. Haunted haystacks are made with butterscotch chips, peanut butter & marshmallows. It’s a super Halloween festival treat.

9. Strawberry Ghost

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.blog.candiquik.com

A very simple & easy to make Halloween recipe at a really short time. Juicy strawberries mixed in melted whip cream and garnished with chocolate chips. The fun has no end so as food.

10. Spooky Dipped Halloween Cookies

Halloween Recipes

Source: www.prettylifegirls.com

Are you in full crafting mood? Then go for this Halloween cookies. It is again a revamp to your wafer biscuits. You just gotta dip and eat, dip & eat.

Do the same food pranks with your friends and watch a horror movie altogether. These treats will really make your Halloween day special.

Happy Halloween to you all!