Are you looking to make some recipes with Dudhi this Eid-e-Milad un Nabi? We have composed some of the best Eid-e-Milad un Nabi Recipes from all over the Internet for you.

Eid-E-Milad is celebrated for Prophet’s birthday. Dudhi is one of his favorite items and so most of the dishes made on Eid-e-Milad un Nabi are with Dudhi.

Dudhi is also known as Lauki or bottle gourd.

If you want to make something unique or tasty then these recipes will surely do justice to your wish. Here are 40 Eid-E-Milad Lauki recipes to enjoy with guests and family on this auspicious day.

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12 Different Variations of Dudhi Ka Halwa

Doodhi ka halwa is heavenly and lip-smacking. It has a smooth nutty taste that can be served warm or chilled also.

1. Dudhi Ka Halwa by Tarla Dalal 



Doodhi Ka Halwa by Tarla Dala is the ever most loved Indian mithai. Regardless of whether you have it chilly or warm it up and have it plain. Doodhi Halwa is certain to beguile you with its rich surface and luring flavor.

2. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Hebbars kitchen



Dudhi ka Halwa By Heebars Kitchen is a rich and velvety Indian treat with cream and sugar. The uniqueness of this is it gets crunchy and caramelized with sugar and is a must-try recipe this Eid-e-Milad un Nabi.

3. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Sanjeev Kapoor 



Dudhi Ka Halwa by Sanjeev Kapoor is a sweet and appetizing veg dessert, savored by numerous people. A complete healthy take on by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

4. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Pammi’s Kitchen



Dudhi ka Halwa by Pammi’s kitchen is sharing the creamy side of Dudhi Ka Halwa made in pure Desi Ghee.

5. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Pankaj Bhadouria



Dudhi ka Halwa by Pankaj Bhadouria is made with milk and ghee- the simplest method for the festive season.

6. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Chef Zakir



Do attempt this Dudhi Ka Halwa recipe by Chef Zakir – a scrumptious warm sweet. It is made with sugar, nuts and reduced whole milk. Appreciated in the winter season.

7. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Chef Swasthi



Dudhi Ka Halwa by Chef Swasthi is one of the traditional dudhi ka halwa and is a must-try this Eid-e-Milad un Nabi. This version is without any addition of Khoya.

8. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Cubes N Juliennes



This Dudhi Ka Halwa recipe is with Milk and Khoya which looks just mouth-watering. Follow the step by step guide.

9. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Kali Mirch By Smitha

Dudhi Ka Halwa Recipes


Dudhi ka Halwa by Kali Mirch by Smitha has all the crunch of dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts & raisins. The melon seeds give an aromatic feeling.

10. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Flavors Of Mumbai



Dudhi ka Halwa by Flavors of Mumbai has made this Halwa with all mix ingredients. With a bunch of flavors of Khoya, Milk, Sweetened Milk, vanilla powder & Saffron.

11. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Food Viva 



Dudhi ka Halwa by Food Viva is sweet and flavorful. Garnished with almonds. Serve alongside with Namkeen to catch up with the guest at home.

12. Dudhi Ka Halwa By Ministry Of Curry



Dudhi ka Halwa by the Ministry of Curry has given the creamy pudding style to this Halwa with the magical aroma of Vanilla.

10 Dudhi Sweets

This Eid-e-Milad un Nabi Dudhi sweets recipes are some of the delightful collections can make for guests.

1. Dudhi Basundi



Relish this tasty Dudhi Basundi on any fasting day or as an ideal treat for any happy event. This improved and smooth Dudhi Basundi is injected with sweet-smelling flavors-embellished with pistachio and almond fragments, saffron strings. A must-try Eid-e-Milad un Nabi Recipe.

2. Dudhi Barfi



The Dudhi Barfi is simple to prepare with adding the amazing flavor of Cardamom powder & rose water. Many people make it during the festive season. One should not buy from outside as it can have preservatives so make it whole and cut in pieces to enjoy the quick bites.

3. Dudhi Kheer



Delightful, splendidly rich Dudhi Kheer is an ongoing most loved Indian sweets. Dudhi Kheer is one of the savory you should bookmark for the bubbly events and family suppers. It is light on the stomach and huge on flavors & 100% gluten-free dessert.

4. Dudhi Halwa


Dudhi Halwa is rich Indian sweets that are made just like Gajar ka Halwa. It is full creamy and drained in sugar. The uniqueness of this conventional Indian sweet formula exists in the individual ground bottle gourd cuts which get crunchy and caramelized with sugar.

5. Zafrani Rabdi With Dudhi Ke Lacche



Zafrani Rabdi is an extremely celebrated Indian pastry which is typically arranged in a large portion of the family units and is additionally appreciated by all age gatherings. The Dudhi makes it colorful and lavishing and compliments the dish. One of a kind Indian treats to strive for your next gathering! Can’t miss out on this recipe this Eid-e-Milad un Nabi.

6. Dudhi Paneer Barfi



Dudhi Barfi With Paneer recipe which has the decency of nutritious container gourd and natively constructed paneer. Dudhi is prescribed by Ayurveda for better absorption. Serve the sound Dudhi Barfi with Paneer as a nutritious sweet. You can pack it up for your children’s lunch box or serve it after your ordinary dinners.

7. Dudhi Ladoos



Dudhi Ladoo is a yummy small treat to your tummy. These Ladoos have coconut flavor which makes it so good in your mouth.

8. Bottle Gourd Chocolate Cake



Bottle Gourd Chocolate Cake is a special and luscious cake recipe. Made in simple steps, and truly marvelous take on desserts of Lauki.

Who would have imagined this? So, make it on this Eid for kids in the house and make them fall in love with a new taste and different variety of Lauki.

9. Bottle Gourd Payasam


Bottle Gourd Payasam is a sweet dessert. Soft bottle gourd cooked in jaggery syrup plus coconut milk with dry fruits. Additionally, the Rava or sooji is added in to make it a thick.

A perfect guest welcomes recipe for Eid.

10. Vegan Lauki Coconut Halwa



Vegan Lauki Ka Halwa is a simple, affordable and delicious recipe. Some nutritional and amazing ingredients are used in this halwa like coconut oil, jaggery, dried rose petals, coconut milk, and dry fruits.

Such a rich dessert to enjoy the Eid days.

19 All-time favorite Dudhi Recipes

Let’s check out some Eid-e-Milad un Nabi all-time favorite Dudhi recipes to make the fusion recipes out Dudhi.

1. Lauki Ka Daalna



Lauki Ka Daalna is a spicy sabzi made of Lauki or Dudhi. It’s an amazing main course recipe to enjoy dinner with your family on Eid-e-Milad.

Easy to make with all home ingredients available at home. Cook Lauki with spices and milk and enjoy the taste.

2. Bottle Gourd Ice Cream



Bottle Gourd ice cream is a unique and sounds quirky ice cream but its lip-smacking. It is prepared with simple ingredients like milk, bottle gourd, sugar, cardamom essence, almonds, and food color.

Taste best when garnished with crushed pistachio and almonds. Relish this tempting ice cream with your family and friends this Eid.

3. Bottle Gourd Milkshake



Bottle Gourd milkshake is a fusion take on Lauki. It’s healthy and has exceptional taste. Works best for this Eid. Enjoy this milkshake with your guests and loved ones.

4. Lauki Juice



Lauki Juice is a healthy vegetable recipe made from Lauki and coriander leaves. Start your Eid morning with this fresh juice to lighten up your day.

It works as detox juice and cleanses your body and helps in glowing skin.

5. Lauki Raita



Lauki Raita is a healthy recipe made from grated bottle gourd. It has many nutritional properties that help in nurturing the immune system as well. After your heavy lunch on Eid, you can always serve this Lauki Raita to make your stomach feel nice.

6. Lauki With Curry Leaves



Lauki with curry leaves can be the best starter before you start your dinner. Make it with bottle gourd, onions, green beans and saute with herbs, ginger-garlic, lime juice, and curry leaves.

A healthy and nice combination of vegetables served with Lauki.

7. Stuffed Lauki



Stuffed Lauki is an interesting twist to turn non-lovers into Lauki fans. In this recipe, it is made with blanched Lauki, marinated in lime, stuffed with cottage cheese and baked.

Serve it with mint or coriander chutney.

8. Lauki Ki Yakhni



Lauki Ki Yakhni is a unique and delicious Lauki sabji you will ever eat. The Yakhni is called a sauce made from ginger powder, fennel powder, and whole spices and is a yogurt-based sauce.

You can serve this Lauki Ki Yakhni with Pulao or fried rice. It’s pretty simple to make and a lip-smacking recipe.

9. Lauki Musallam



Lauki Musallam is a sabji made with stuffed Lauki with exclusive malai stuffing and simmered in Onion and Tomato gravy.

This is easy to make curry go best with your dinner preparations on this Eid.

10. Bottle Gourd Curry



Bottle Gourd Curry is a succulent sabji recipe made in a pressure cooker. Easy to make and nutritious. It’s a staple food from North India and easy to digest.

It’s an instant pot recipe made with cumin, ginger, garlic, and green chilies. Serve with rotis and raita and enjoy this delicious and spicy curry treat.

11. Lauki Paratha



Lauki Paratha is a fabulous breakfast choice. It is made using bottle gourd, methi leaves, and mild spices powders and whole wheat flour.

The kids in the house will fall in love with these parathas. Serve with onion tomato chutney.

12. Lauki Pakora



Lauki Pakora is a perfect savory item to serve your guest on Eid. Make a batter of gram flour and coat the bottle gourd rounds with the batter. Deep-fry it and enjoy the amazing taste. Serve with hot tea.

13. Lauki Wadi



Lauki Wadi is an appetizing Punjabi sabji made with Lauki and Punjabi Wadiyan. It’s a combination of Wadiyan which are sun-dried lentil dumplings.

It’s a comfort food prepared at home and made simply in a pressure cooker. Simple to make in just 20 minutes.

14. Lauki Soup



Lauki Soup is super easy, delectable, and low-calorie soup. An excellent soup recipe replacing the meal. It helps in reducing weight. To make in some time, you can also cook it in a pressure cooker.

Add green chili paste for some spicy taste that will suit your tastebuds. Enjoy this Lauki soup at your dinner time.

15. Dudhi Muthia

lauki- muthia


Lauki Muthia is a Gujarati dish made with grated bottle gourd, fresh fenugreek leaves spiced with green chilies, ginger and turmeric make a healthy snack.

Shape these dough dumplings through the hand, then steamed and pan-fried with the tempering of mustard seeds and sesame seeds. A unique taste and worth for evening snacks.

 16. Lauki Biryani



Lauki Biryani is a scrumptious rice recipe made with Lauki. An amazing choice for lunchtime. You can add some veggies for crunch and nutritional value as well.

Serve it with Kadhi or Yogurt and enjoy this delicious and spicy Lauki Biryani.

17. Lauki Pancakes



Lauki Pancakes are healthy, rich in nutrition and vitamins. It can be a perfect breakfast recipe for your family. Moreover, made with yogurt, bottle gourd, grated carrot, chopped spinach, and grated onions and some spices.

Simply make skillets from the batter and on Tawa and fry it both sides. Easy to make and crispy to eat.

18. Dahi Wali Lauki



Dahi Wali Lauki is scrumptious and different types of Lauki sabzi with unique taste. Here bottle gourds are shallow-fried instead of deep-fry, coated with spices and yogurt for a thin curry texture.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with chapatis.

19. Bottle Gourd Chutney



Bottle Gourd Chutney is healthy and delicious. A wonderful and unique recipe to try at home. The best thing about this chutney is that you can serve it with Idli or Dosa and even have it with roti or some plain rice.






Final Thoughts

What recipes are you cooking thisEid-e-Milad un Nabi? Share your views in comments.

Every special occasion needs special dishes to make for family and guest members. So, make this Eid-e-Milad rich and delicious.

Dudhi is a well-known vegetable from which you can make various varieties of dishes. It is the tastiest and healthiest vegetable that is consumed by thousands of people. You can make delicious sweet items from dudhi which you and your kids will love the most.