Durga Puja is the biggest Hindu festival celebrated widely in Bengal. During the Durga Puja festival, people enjoy four days fantastically. The joy of people, dance performance, Puja- all bring light to the city.

Here are 10 Bengali Sweets to enjoy the festival in the best manner.

There is one thing which very much common in India that every festival includes sweets and that too with many variations.

Presenting lovely sweets while worshiping God or welcoming guests with showering sweets on them is what makes hospitality to the next level.

Creating a miniature of the bond between us will be filled by these Bengali sweets which are revealing.

Check these 14 easy dessert recipes which you can try at home.

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1. Lobongo Lotika

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.bongeats.com

Lobongo Lotika is a traditional Bengali sweet that can be in your fridge for longer days. Made of two parts. The first part is stuffing and the second is the deep-fried sugary pockets.

2. Malai Chom Chom

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.ahomemakersdiary.com

Malai Chom Chom may look like Rasgulla but it is different in shape & also the sugar syrup consistency is different. A creamery is done complete justice with this Bengali sweet.

3. Chanar Jilapi

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.kitchenofdebjani.com

Chanar Jilapi is a very interesting sweet recipe.  The round dumplings are made of Chana. The best part of this is it is delectable Bengali sweet which is shaped like Jalebi & different taste version of Gulab Jamun.

4. Sandesh

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.scratchingcanvas.com

Sandesh is Bengali’s most favorite sweet to enjoy with your family. Bengali people eat this dessert as a snack too.

5. Pantua

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.poetryoffood.blogspot.com

Pantua is a famous dessert from West Bengal. Made from Mawa and dipped in Sugar syrup just like Gulab Jamun. It’s a sweet and yummy recipe to accompany dinner.

6. Ras Malai

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.aromaticessence.co

Ras Malai is a soft sweetened savory garnished with a top-class ingredient- saffron. One of the exotic sweets you will ever have.

7. Patishapta

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.cosmopolitancurrymania.com

Patishapta is a Bengali transitional sweet dish that has amazing texture & flavor to these crepes.

8. Shor Baja

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.gayathriscookspot.com

Shor Baja is rare sweet which you won’t get in other cities then Bengal. This recipe may take time for you to cook because it has layers. But see the recipe and enjoy your last result. Don’t forget to invite us!

9. Bhapa Doi

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.thisoldgal.com

Bhapa Doi really turns your eyes on it when served chill in a silver bowl. This is just like a flan which famous in the U.S.A. It is a two-ingredient recipe that you will love to make at home.

10. Kheer Kadam

Bengali Sweets

Source: www.seceretindianrecipes.com

Kheer Kadam is truly an exotic dessert cover with a layer of Milk/Khoya. One can garnish with coconut powder to give it a crunchy texture.

People who don’t eat many sweets even become optimistic about desserts & take a chance to taste the rich and traditional looking Bengali sweets.

Bengali people love dancing, enjoying food & worshiping God. These recipes will really give you a new way to look at the dessert and then eat it.

We wish you all Happy Durga Puja!